Monday, October 12, 2015

Sorry, you can't get in... - 11 October 2015

This was a funny week. Let us start at ZTM. As I sat there with Elder Robinson coming up with insights, I thought of how we have missing baptismal records. So we made an insight called "the book of life." We gave it to the Wailoku sisters, S. Singleton, and Fiu. I told them about how only those in the book of life enter heaven, but this one is about baptismal records. They came to ZTM and had 4 missionaries act out life. When they got to the gate of heaven, she had the area book, and look for their baptismal records. She found the first 3, but the last person she told he could not enter, because his record was not found. Though he said he was baptized, it was not recorded. It was way fun.

Wailokus Heavens Gate
Later throughout the week, was just doing duties..... At times they are a drag, cause I just want to go teach, but it makes it so when I teach I pour a lot more into it. In fact this ward is amazing. Before I was dust to dust, but now I am given a rest from that side to do something else. The members find people for us here. It is easier for missionary work, and with the added duties it balances for how much you can do. It is good, because the previous missionaries worked hard.

I will give you an uplifting picture I drew one day. Lots of stuff to do, we have some things to do today making us a bit busy, I am on til called out the door. 

Elder MacLeod

Elder Robinson
Elder Robinson in Mass Effect? Who Knew.