Monday, October 12, 2015

Suva Jaiga! bye-byes - 12 July 2015

We started the week with a Suva trip. I said goodbye to may missionaries I will not see for a time, until mission reunions maybe.

Reason for being in Suva was the train the trainers meeting. We had this pizza with bacon and bbq sauce..... ooooh man Suva...... if only if only.... It sure was a nice change. I mostly eat bread, and what ever the members feed us. Every Sunday we get fish cooked in coconut milk (ika valolo).
In our time in Viti Levu we were able to play some volleyball. We pretty much only qito on Viti Levu. I got sick on Saturday, so we are relaxing today. We were going to fish, but you know. My bud Trav though..... That is truly an epic finish to your epic mission man.... Cherries?!

Au na masulaki iko na noqu karua! E kalougata na nomu veiqaravi mo kauti na tamata tani mera kilai na veivakabulai ni Karisito. Au nuitaki o iko na vakila na vakacequ. Iko na rawata na veivakacequ sa vakarau vei iko.

Back to the emails. That will be translated in its due time for he that it is entitled.
We were only in our area half the week, but we had one of our best weeks. We were all over. Amidst it all I had sinus pressure. On Sunday everyone needed my help with something immediately after church. I had my own plan for things, and not much room for extras... I also lead the music amidst my sickness. Thing is I can't complain. I mean, meanwhile my friend has malaria and has been in the hospital a while.

There was some funny things that I missed to film with my camera, I got a picture with three others who came to Fiji with me.

Not a super eventful week. At least no crazies like last week.

Elder MacLeod