Monday, October 12, 2015

Bashing, the variety of the sorts - 5 July 2015

The sun rose and set on another week.
I messed around with camera settings and got some nice pictures.

When I last left you I went to play some touch rugby at the chapel. While playing I started to run to catch someone across the field. To the eyes of everyone, it seemed an impossible feat to accomplish. Determined I ran full sprint to barely catch him outside the try zone, but as I looked up, the fence was a bit closer than I remembered. I quickly tucked to the side as I was already airborne. Yet I hit the pole just above my hip bone. I wrapped a little around the side, as the pain seeped to my spine. I lay on the ground will many missionaries in awe at the occurrence. Though in pain, I made a few jokes at it ha ha. Yet when I tried to move, I found difficulty in moving my right leg. I could feel the intense pain, so I knew nothing had gone really wrong. I finally was assisted to my feet, only to find a gash on my right thigh as well. I could not feel it due to the intensity in my lower right back. I cleaned the cuts, and walked out my other injury a while. I told the specialist about the occurrence. I told her that I would like to keep going a while, because it might just become a bruise. Well I was right about that. I got a picture for you all of my bruise.

I was later involved in LDS charities donations again. I was grasping my side from the pain I was enduring, so now our whole mission has a picture of me grasping my side. They have no idea though hahaha. (President emailed it to the mission).

Encountered a person with harsh comments of missionaries and the Church. Looks like that will hit us all at some time. He cared not for what I had to say, he only wished to force his opinion on me, but I shrugged it off and moved on ha ha. E. Kubera was asking what just happened? He knew what was said, just could not believe it. Especially that a Fijian walked by and said yes, though not knowing what the question is......

It was an interesting week though. Next week we go to Suva for TTT, I was right about transfers. I stay again, and I guessed who was leaving. I can never give it for certain, but you get pretty good over time. It makes sense to you.

Elder MacLeod

Northern Zone Conference