Sunday, October 26, 2014

The lighting, of Good triumphing over Evil

The lighting, of Good triumphing over Evil or in other words Diwali.(A week long Fijian Holiday) The week as I know it was great. Somehow, even with transfers (which I have something to say concerning those, and will get there later) we had more investigator lessons then last week.

Well that is the success of the week! Anyways the next part....transfers......

So as we know from last time E. Pence and I were finally separated. We had some good times, and we had some bad. As all the Earth must go, we leave. The new Companion E. Johnson (Ryland) (from Bountiful) is awesome. The day he was getting here, I became really involved in transfers. E. Pence left early Wednesday morning. This left me with the District Leader phone....... I got a call from the ZLs to go get E. Johnson at 1:00 pm, so with the Hindi Elders we left to get him. Well in this transfer the ZLs were not too well in contact, since they had someone transferring from Nasivikoso. This meant the Airport District Leader (E. Pulli) was running transfers. Well 1:00 comes around, so we go to get E. Johnson, well he was not there, but luckily we arrived when we did. Sister Wright was there by herself...... She apparently was not told to get off in Nadi to meet with her Companion there. Well, I was put in Contact with E. Pull from this point, and had to arrange her getting here. Well, eventually we got that solved, and set them to their area. Well, anyways E. Johnson did not leave Nadi though...... He stuck around, and did not get here til 4:30 pm, as I predicted. Well, sometime in there something happened to the ZLs, cause transfers were all over. Well E. Johnson got here, so I oversaw E. Roberts getting to Tavua, and gave an estimated time for him to get there. The next morning, I awoke to hear what Happened. The ZLs rolled their Truck 3 times. Luckily, only minor injuries. E. Tanoai was pinned inside, but they got him out. He just had a few scrapes, and a sore back. E. Fiso had the worst of it, and went to Suva. E. Johnson had to leave with E. Raju early to pick them up. Later we had the most food E. Johnson has seen his whole mission.
We had 3 lunches, and 2 dinners.......... Diwali makes people love you....
Well, the next day we had a missionary farewell, where I lead us in a song, and shared my thoughts.......... man, I just became the go-to guy here for stuff..... Well, again we had a lot of food, E. Johnson hardly touched it he was not used to  so much. Well, then I took a picture of the doub-step kid. He just did the same move...... Doub-step starts young here.

The rest of the week was less eventful, just Ice cream on sunday for an after church snack.... That was irregular. the other pick is us posing, I am too fast to be seen!

Sunday, October 19, 2014


hmmmm yeah I like that title, it has a ring to it.
This week was good, transfers will be gotten to......
Starting at the beginning, we had, well..... I am drawing a blank for the beginning of the week. I think cause the frustration others cause in our lessons. We were teaching an investigator to pray (this was the second time since he didn't get it the first time) Well this time he was ready (as it seemed) so we reminded him of the steps, then he started na tamada vakalomalagi o Jisu (face palm) We noticed that right off, so we stayed quiet let him finish, and were about to reschedule to come back (which we would have gone over it again) but then his (member) son said hey nomu masu cala..... I sat there thinking no please don't criticize him...... Well the next lesson he blamed us for making fun of him, so a 50 year-old man was giving us the silent treatment. Well he forgave us 2 days later (his wife told us) and we have yet to return.......
Frustrating.... it is because people criticize others that the church is hindered. To be completely honest the church is perfect, but it is filled with imperfect members. Yes we all make mistakes, but at least think it so that you don't push someone away.....
Anyways we have been planning a fireside to help the members understand this purpose. We sat planning (I sat quietly for the longest time as usual) about 45 minutes in after they have gotten their idea, I finally throw out one idea, and their whole plan was thrown out the window. We decided to do Jeopardy. We had a topic, so we decided categories, and what we would do. Hindi elders took the categories home and church, we took public and work.  I was to be the host, them the judges. (picture before the  start) It was the members' favorite fireside of all time. They liked it more than the Christmas party they had last year...... It was way funny cause we mocked around (well the judges did so). We had Elder Reeder give us on scene reports, asked people how they felt and all manner of stuff. Then when they were to judge an answer (role play) At the same time they would place on their glasses, and start discussing secretly..... (way funny cause the members called them shady judges) It was a close game too.....
As for the big news, sorry I could not hide it. I was way too lazy to make it a secret written within. E. Pence is going to Tavuni (the bush) My new comp will be E. R. Johnson (cause there is 3 johnsons in the mission) E. Painter (the previous ZL) is new AP, S. Au (2nd sisters) is leaving, and  S. Wright (she has a blog) is replacing S. Au, and will be in my district, so if you want another blog to read of someone near by, I am pretty sure she has one. Until next week!
1. Jeopardy before start
2. Rohit's (the new Ward mission leader) makeshift badge

We made it with card board white paper sharpie, and an aluminum thread.

Judges Tables

Makeshift Marbles

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Yeah...... It was horrible.... Before I get to that, this week first....

Monday it rained pretty hard (I wore my brand new short sleeve hoodie shirt) It kept me drier.....

This week E. Pence had me lead everything... Don't know how much that worked out to be since we had 2 exchanges this week. The next couple days have very little events worth notice...... Just the same ol' drama in the district. This sister hates this elder, and this one is not doing anything, and all that noise..... Weirdly enough, our district is leading the mission.......

Well I went on exchange with E. Reeder. We had very little number of lessons, since people were all busy (or not home). Well E. Pence and Raju had good success. They had to go teach bible guy (that is not his real name just what we refer to him as because of how the first lesson went with him) Well after that day we had a weekly planning session where I was trying to lead it, but the ZLs Hindi Elders and the sisters kept calling E. Pence...... It was a chain of finish, then answer the next, they kept calling with new questions and concerns. Well we luckily got it done......

Well the next exchange was Saturday with another Elder. He is one of our zone-leaders.... Well we went to conference, where he kept making phone calls (which has been going on the last 5 weeks) to micro-manage the Hindi elders. Their area had just opened, and this Elder was causing more stress on them by constantly breathing down their neck...... He also has been forcing his companion to go without food for long periods of time cause all he wants to do is get numbers. Well it is causing a grand amount of hostility with his companion. 

We got back from the exchange, and went to the Sunday session... I was very intent on listening to conference, but for an odd reason E. Pence wanted us to sit in the Fijian one. Well I can hardly understand, cause the English voice in the back was too loud, he could barely make it out either, then he got mad at me for just drawing pictures. Eventually we left it with him angry with me. Well I think he forgot his previous hostility cause we are all good now. We later went out teaching to see the worst infestation ever!

We just got out of a lesson, and these termites (from austrailia) have been haunting Fiji from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. It was way bad. They were nearly as thick as smoke. They are attracted to light as well. Well I had my flash light.......... I was so smart.   I wanted to test the theory about them being attracted to light.  Well as soon as I flipped it on, I got swarmed. I quickly flipped it off, but they were all over me. They kept biting me, so it was like going outside our house at home and playing
slap the mosquitos...... We jumped into a taxi where I was picking them off me...... (now I can honestly say I have been attacked by termites) The End.

This is an old picture just can't remember if I ever sent it, but it is me posing with a sele (like a machete)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Victor of the Hunger Games!

Was this not prophesied by those before us? Did not they declare unto us that Lautoka would triumph over their zone? And make them as the dust of the earth?

 Enough of that, but we won the trophy for our Zone P-day. Wish I took a picture of the trophy. It just sits in our flat. It Had rained for the first time in a while (which when it rains here, it rains.....) You can see the rain come over the hills a distance away. It just looks like a big huge fog coming over the hills (for those who know, it looks like Dragon Age origins at ostagar)

 Anyways the events were waterballoon volleyball, dodgeball, and Capture the flag. Well we destroyed the competition for water volley, E. Pence nailed the marked man for the dodgeball win. Capture the flag the other team just sat on their flag, so the game got no where. Yet as King Lahonti in the Book of Mormon, we were fixed in our minds with a determined resolution..... to win the trophy. Lautoka bought it a while back, and Nadi won first, then Dratabu won just before I got here. Then when the tournament came, we won. Since we had won 2 events, we won the tournament.

 Anyways not much else was this week. E. Pence had his birthday, and finally got a salusalu. The cake was way good too. We were fed all over the place. We have a huge lunch, then a huge dinner, were given the leftovers, so we ate it the next day, had 3 more lunch appointments, then had dinner. We got fed so much. Essentially that is the only way to gain here, but that schedule dropped now, so we are back to normal. Good while it lasted.
Hope you all have a good week! Moce!

Pouring Rain