Sunday, December 28, 2014

Coga na Motoka! (hit by a car)

Well, luckily it was not me, but that was this morning I will get back to that after these short recaps.
We will start with the beginning of the week..... Not much to tell. I was surprised how well we did this week, for how difficult it is to do something the week of Christmas. Well, we had a lot scheduled for Wednesday, but ended up going to a village called Kiuva. Well while there, we stopped by and took pictures at the beach. Sorry, I am at another email shop that does not allow picture uploading, but I have some good pictures.
Anyways the next day, we had a lovo at a half zone party. It was only 2 of 4 districts. The others were frustrated they were not invited haha, sorry. I didn't know they didn't know. Well, we had some funny times, with some things only the missionaries would really understand. Missions have mass inside jokes..... So if you think the missionaries are weird, chances are they are to you, but they think it is the funniest thing cause it is their inside joke.

We skyped the next day for a while where I explained a bit of what happened, and gave teasers to my pics (that I can not upload today). Thats all I have to say about that.....
my bad, I almost forgot, someone got hit by a van, so as I was sitting on the bus, 7 fijians smashed into me leaning over me to see what was going on. Sad day. Someone was  somewhat insensitive about it. Since it was an Indian, I heard them say that they were just being foolish Indian..... Very sad.... Most the people were grumpy with that one person though....

Sunday, December 21, 2014

mmmm what you x-ray

Hmm well emails get more difficult each week. I sit at a computer reading the emails from home, and then when I want to email, I sit there for a bit beating myself up trying to think of the things worth sharing that people want to hear..... I mean I always have something, but if it is too boring, not even I would want to read it.

Anyways, (classic entry) This week started off with a visit to the physical therapist. Well, after doing some checks, I was told to go get an x-ray. Well, then we had to return one week later, so we had the appointment early this morning. I am tired...... Got my results though, but we'll get there.

Well, first off we had quite the week. This area improves every week. We go up at the same rate each week. We had an exchange where I went to Bau. I had to sleep in a mosquito net for once. Man do they suck. I walked into their flat, and this is my direct quote vs. E. Nawahine's response. I said," this is the worst flat I have ever been in," Nawahine said  "man this has been my best flat in the mission." hahahaha I laughed a bit. Well, I didn't fit in the coil, so it took ages for me to fall asleep. I could hear the mosquitos buzzing around my head the entire time, luckily they left my feet alone that were hanging out.

Well, we got back and had church and stuff same ole, same ole. Then went to a fireside, and came back. Well, here are my results. My hip has been pulled out of place by tight muscles. Show choir helped me with something, so I need a thank you to go to Sister Gull and Mr. Child. The Physical therapist said I was the most flexible guy he had worked with, which at first I didn't think I was flexible, but I was able to lay my knees flat to my chest. I almost got my legs straight, but they stopped still a bit bent. Well, I quickly grabbed the x-ray picture, and took a picture of it for you peeps! It is a good pelvis, just one hip is pulled slightly making it shallow. This means I makes my hip pull into a natural relax as I walk, which is causing the pain, cause my hip is pushing out wrong. (They gave him some exercises to do and taught him how to do real, effective lunges to stretch.)

I made some more art with my blanket a midst the mornings and nights. I will give the picture, see if you know what they are.
More Blanket art

Even more blanket art
 ( We are so impressed with Connor's blanket 
crafting abilities, maybe there is a future in this?)

Elder MacLeod by the ruins

My hip x ray

Pigeons dance off on the roof

minecraft wall, with lowered entrance
 (this one is for you Caden!)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snow in Fiji?

hmmm, not my most creative title, but it makes you wonder? Let-uce start at the ending. I am emailing, go back a bit further, we are at our flat, a bit further, it was Sunday and we are at church. Further than that, and we were wandering around seeing fall-throughs rain from the sky. Even further, and we had a branch Christmas party. Further, we got a bit of lessons, then even more, we have our tri-zone Christmas party. We go into that(comma) but we skip back to the beginning. It was Monday, we finished emailing, and I went to a side shop where I found a back-up charger! It is junky and may break, but I had camera use! We had the rest of our P-day, then a district sleepover at our flat. We had to do so to all be on time to our zone conference the next day in Suva. Well we played a bit of chess, then went to sleep. Anyways we went the next day and had our zone conference and some activities. I was able to see all my original district that was still here. The only ones gone were our old ZLS. Which that means yes, I was reunited with my trainer! Anyways to get to the point of it all, we watched FROZEN as 3 zones! I missed about the last 45 minutes of it..... Even though it was out before my mission, I still don't know how it ends.....Anyways that is why snow in Fiji.... You all actually thought there was snow, you is na ulumukau! hahahahaha not much this week. Sorry so short, I am on my way to physical therapist.  Got to get my hip checked out today, it may be out of place, but that is ok!

Guess who's back!?

Ginger bread Fiji style (they are breakfast crackers)

Make shift airplane wing bridge

the ruins behind our flat.

The island life

Blanket Art 2
Potato soap from Idaho sold in Fiji

Fruits of our labor

Sunday, December 7, 2014

And the Horse you rode in on.....

It was not even real leaving Lautoka. I had been there so long it was just automatic and natural. Yet as it all goes you need to move along. From the beginning:
I spent everyday from 9:30 to 10:30 packing from Sunday night. While packing, I noticed one item no longer in the house. My camera charger...... I will be needing one, If you could send one, I will look around as best I can, but better safe than no pictures, not many carry the brand of camera I have, so I am looking for places that sell micro usb cords, wish me luck?
Anyways, after packing my super huge bags full of stuff, I finished Tuesday night at 10:25. I left at 7:00 in the morning, then caught a very long bus ride. When the bus had finally arrived who other than my trainer greets me off the bus. If you all remember, he was sent off island to Taveuni, well, he was there for only 6 weeks. I always told him he would finish Suva Zone-Leader, so when I got there that is what I said to him. My entire original starting district for my first 3 months in Fiji will be at the same christmas party tomorrow. Well except our late zone-leaders E. Heath and Abplanalp, now Brothers Heath and Abplanalp. Anyways, my companion is E. Haretuku. He finishes his mission in about 5 weeks.
The area I am now in has been struggling. The APs came to try and fix the area, but it did not go, so they sought a new solution. I have the goal to make it a stable area before I leave, I may get low success on saints, but this place will be on track to get saints when I leave it!

Not sure how this side of the island works. It rains everyday here, and floods. I am in the flood zone. We are going through hurricane season. To see one would be way cool! That would be the scariest thing though! Funny how that works! Just pray our house doesn't get flooded. I don't like my stuff getting all wet...... anyways that is the week. Sorry no picture this week, the camera is dead, please send a charger!

oh Yes, My first morning I woke up to a huge 8  inch centipede crawling up my bed, well it made me so paranoid that I kept jumping out of bed every hour thinking one was on me. We ended up super poisoning the floor, and we find big huge dead spiders starting to pop-up everywhere.

These are some pics from E. Haretuku:

The Flood!

Sheltering a little kitten.