Sunday, December 28, 2014

Coga na Motoka! (hit by a car)

Well, luckily it was not me, but that was this morning I will get back to that after these short recaps.
We will start with the beginning of the week..... Not much to tell. I was surprised how well we did this week, for how difficult it is to do something the week of Christmas. Well, we had a lot scheduled for Wednesday, but ended up going to a village called Kiuva. Well while there, we stopped by and took pictures at the beach. Sorry, I am at another email shop that does not allow picture uploading, but I have some good pictures.
Anyways the next day, we had a lovo at a half zone party. It was only 2 of 4 districts. The others were frustrated they were not invited haha, sorry. I didn't know they didn't know. Well, we had some funny times, with some things only the missionaries would really understand. Missions have mass inside jokes..... So if you think the missionaries are weird, chances are they are to you, but they think it is the funniest thing cause it is their inside joke.

We skyped the next day for a while where I explained a bit of what happened, and gave teasers to my pics (that I can not upload today). Thats all I have to say about that.....
my bad, I almost forgot, someone got hit by a van, so as I was sitting on the bus, 7 fijians smashed into me leaning over me to see what was going on. Sad day. Someone was  somewhat insensitive about it. Since it was an Indian, I heard them say that they were just being foolish Indian..... Very sad.... Most the people were grumpy with that one person though....