Sunday, January 4, 2015

Shelobs lair (well that was anti-climatic)

This was a good week. It was supposed to be a difficult week.... We bese"d (rejected) the idea that we could not get anything, and we got our highest together so far.

Anyways we go to side events. We are running low on events that happen. I have to go out of my way for something to happen. We have been in the process of moving, but I don't think so anymore. We walked by the house only to see people breaking into the house we wanted. That idea was thwarted. 

We did a little wandering to check out the area. Well it is big.... I mean today missionaries got permission to go to our area just to go to our beach. Well anyways we got around and got pics.  I have a lot since I could not send pics last week. Let me look at the new pics, it will jog my memory.... yeah nothing happened.... Uhm a Seventy came to our branch, so we did a confirmation with him. Then we just talked with him a while about stuff.

This morning was shelobs lair. I was shaving when under my shelf I noticed a nest. Picture below. I poked it with a pen to find a bunch of dead baby spiders. I was hoping it would explode with spiders everywhere.  And I wore pants on Sunday. It was not too bad, but it is pretty hot. (No wonder they wear sulus all the time.)

Nest of Spiders

The rare pants day.

My missionary nametag.

A day at the beach.  
(Connor said during our skype call that the ocean was calling his name,
 but he resisted the urge to go in, as the other missionaries reminded him that it was not approved.)

Me on the top left, with Elder Howard, and inside was Elder Haretuku below me with Elder Singh

Myself and Elder Haretuku

Making lessons easier

My new daily planner