Sunday, January 25, 2015

"To Know the People"

Well this week was a bit slower. We at least get constant encouragement from the DL. He can see progress in the area, mostly cause it was getting next to nothing before. Sometimes I just want it to all go good, cause I don't like wearing through my shoes for nothing, hahaha. Honestly, I have been wearing the clarks and Dockers off and on, and the clarks (though repaired 4 times) are finally getting the middle worn. Luckily the dockers are still good. Just I think my clarks have about 1 and a half months of life left in them. It is exciting. I out endured two pairs of sandals!

Anyways. This week we did our normal planning. We are starting to get spread as things are just opening up to us. Everything is just put in our path it seems. We don't really go out of our way, people just show up for me. I must have figured it out. I am not the greatest, but I don't have to be. I just have to do what I am supposed to, and live and follow the principles. When you do that, boy does it help.

Anyways, let toose! begin! Elder Motuliki and I have had lots of fun. We just get in and just have a great time talking with people. One thing I noticed is that people forget to just talk. We don't even have to ask people to do something, they just tell you they want to haha. How is that for working out here. You just be fun and around, and they just do the stuff hahaha. Think if your household worked that way..... I have some funny things to try out when I get home, that is for sure.

What else went on? Oh! One day we were just in the flat when all of a sudden the Zone Leaders texted "keirau lako tiko yani" which translates to we're are on our way........ I just sent a message back saying "k" CLASSIC!!!!!! Nah but seriously we were sitting there for a while thinking what the heck do they want? Well they were in the area dropping someone, so they just did language study with us, then we had lunch together. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time with the ZLs then anyone else in the Zone..... While they were over, they named the puppies there after themselves. There are 5, so we named the last one after the late Elder Haretuku (my old companion)

I will let the picture talk for themselves though. I know that pictures are the favorite anyway. It is what people live to see in the blog. The black spots before the pics are like meh.

Almost forgot the lizard hiding in the arch of my shoe all of sacrament meeting.... A bit random but, he was having a really nice day.  really really nice day! really really nice day!!!!!

First Person Dagger

Getting coconuts

Weekly Planning

Linear Memories

Yes, they do eat this! It is called Roro.

And trav might like this, I made fried kasava! Super good!

Sacrament Lizard

Puppies biting my shoe