Sunday, February 1, 2015

Nay smoke.... E Warai!

Well this week was much struggle of mind and body, to get around. We have worked at reconstructing the area, to reflect that of how it was moving in Lautoka. I keep seeing the pictures every week, of those I taught there and set baptismal dates for being baptised. I am very glad that they were all baptised. All of the people I was last teaching there have now been baptised. Now it is their own work. It was exciting to see all those familiar people.

Now that the missionary report is gone! This week was great! Well I think so at least. It was lots of walking and such, but paid off. We are starting to get really spread.... Anyways, as for the title, we were walking back Friday, when we were passing by a fire that was really smokey. I was wearing sunglasses, cause my eyes were not doing so well. I didn't want to breathe the smoke, so I grabbed my towel and starting spinning it....... Well I clipped my glasses, as they hurled toward the flames. I whipped them, and they missed the flames. It was totally Ninja! (Archer reference) Well we had a good laugh about it. The zone leaders drove in Friday morning again.... Reaffirmation that they hang-out with us more than anyone.... haha. Well it was cause they needed to deliver E. Motuliki's bag to him. Well we were just finishing our exchange, so 6 of us ended up doing studies in our flat, then we all had lunch together.... Then they left so we could plan the week. 

Then I messed around with this I-phone 0 (it is fake haha)

We got these huge bananas the other day. They may be like a Vudi Hybrid.... haha

E. Motuliki thought he would try his hand at art as well and started to draw.

messing around with camera settings