Sunday, February 15, 2015

This is Survival of the fittest! and the Con-man (not Connor eh?)

Man was this a week.

 Transfers came in! Good news I stay! 

 We had a fast beginning of the week, but I forgot one teensy weensy little detail, that is so necessary and huge/crucial to move along. 

 We went about our normal week. Monday was lame, cause the Makoi elders forgot the key, and no one was coming with it, and they did not think about that.... luckily the bishop happened to be passing by....

 Other thing that happened Monday was, the Con-man! This is way funny. We went to a bakery to get lunch last Monday after emailing. As I was buying my stuff, E. Motuliki was looking at what he wanted. After I had bought my food, I turned to find a man talking to E. Motuliki. He handed him a cologne.... I asked him what the guy wanted? He was just looking very confused and just smiled at me... Well He later was able to tell me, cause he couldn't think on the spot there, that the guy essentially took his money, hahaha.

 He came up just handing him one bottle of cologne, but recognized 2 of us, and handed 2. He offered it as a gift shoving it in his hands. (lesson number 1  "Don't take candy from strangers") Well he then said well, I will give them to you $15 each, with this sticker he put on saying it cost $125 I knew there is no way they would sell a $125 cologne. Then he said 10 each, but when he gave the money, it ended being $16 each, then he just ran off, and got on the bus! hahahahaha. I was dying laughing. If he would have talked to me I could have helped him, but he got conned $32 hahaha. I have been teaching him to not show off his money hahaha. 

 Tuesday for district meeting, our bus tire blew out, luckily as we were stopping, we ended up jumping on another bus, that took ages since it went way far. We had to walk a ways to catch it, but barely got to district meeting on time. I told Nawahine the exact time we were out. We arrived exactly when I said we would. Still as punctual as I can be.

 Back to what I forgot to do, I was hospitalized on Saturday. I got put on an IV drip. So it is not that I forgot it, more that I was pretty low when I got struck with the flu. Add that to sweating in hot temperatures, and you get dehydrated way fast. I had a really bad headache really fast. I took 3 tylenol 500 mg then 3 hours later called our new medical specialist. I had told her I have been drinking water, and I took tylenol, so she told me to keep drinking the water, then hours later take 1 more tylenol, cause my headache had not changed. Well this got worse fast. My headache was really intense at this point, I still can't move my eyes off center, and when you close your eyes, they roll, so that hurts. I draped a hand towel over my eyes to block all light from entering. Then I started vommitting. I vommited everything in my stomach. All the water I would try to drink would just come back out 15 minutes later. The med Spec. told me if it is not better by the next morning, then I would go to Suva private. I was unhappy with this descision, cause I was in pain, and only getting worse. Nevertheless, I followed. I spent most of the night at the toilet puking. It was the worst night ever. I looked at my poster, and remembered the nights that I would be in pain at home, and how mom would always help me if I had nothing else I knew how to do. Well didn't have that this time. I was going to have to endure a bit longer than a few hours. The next morning, I called early. I stayed pretty calm (all things considered) and told her what had occurred through the night. She told me that I should go to Suva private. Now that I have no energy in my body, I have to catch a bus to Nausori, then another to Suva for a 2+ hour trip, then a taxi to the hospital form the Suva taxi stand..... Well I used all the strength I had left to get there. I was very week while in there. The doctor put me on a drip, and after the first dripped finished, I felt my stomach  churn. I hoisted myself up, and  luckily a bathroom was just across the hall. I could feel it coming, I told E. Motuliki to help me move the machine. We barely got there in time for me to puke out more water. I sat there a while, then wandered back to my room, and waited for the doctor. He came in with Morphine for my insane headaches. Let me tell you, morphine is not so wonderful at first. He injected it for my entire body to feel as it had all been flexed and exhausted.... Then the headaches slowly seeped away. They started the second drip. Then they gave some pills for my stomach. I had a bit of morphine, so I used the grace period to fill myself with water. Man was it an experience. Went to church the next day, then rested. Staying out of the sun like the pill said.


 the con-logne

hospital drip

sick at home

bus goes flat!