Sunday, February 22, 2015

Only in Fai-Jai

That was a good title, it had to be done. It comes from today. As we waited for the bus, this guy stopped his car in the middle of a four-way intersection to talk with a guy a while, then another did so too. Well in the second occurrence, a bus was speeding in, a guy pulled out of the lot, and a car was coming from the other side. My companion said, "only in Fai-Jai." Well they somehow didn't crash, but that is actually quite common here. No one really has respect for road laws.....

 This week went by fast. There was not much of eventful things. We saw a high for our work here. .... wa-wa-wa-winning! I made a graph to show the progress from my first week here, to my 8th. I will put the picture for you all to see. 

 The most eventful thing was seeing President Vuataki again. He is from Lautoka 1st, but is part of the mission presidency. I served 7 months in his ward, he came to church at our ward on Sunday. Both him and his wife were shocked and excited to see me. We got some good insights to help our branch. He gave us a direction as to make this place a ward. We numbered it up, and we are halfway there, with good potential. Essentially we have 7 of 15, with 4 more that could be there easy. This means that we have to get 4 more Melchizedek priesthood holders with some extra stuff. It will be on its way to be a ward when I leave! I may not see it change, but I am determined to put it on track!


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