Sunday, April 26, 2015

Firebat: "Smells like victory!"

Hahaha, I have fire bats on the field of war!!!!!

Well this week the war wages on, I finally saw a larger centipede. It was longer than my foot. This happened as I went to the bathroom. I grabbed some shoes, cause the bathroom floor was all wet from the shower. I walked in to see a centipede crawling around. E. Moantewa and I grabbed a lighter mosquito spray, and my camera.. One dead bug. Sorry no picture, just the video. Maybe when I come home.

Anyways, we are doing amazing. We have been working hard in what we are doing. The stake Presidency was congratulating us yesterday. I met with Bro. Ligica from Nakelo yesterday. He came for our branch conference.

Food wise, we have to make do with the items we get, I have gotten questions on what I eat, well.... When I cooked this week, I made spaghetti with bacon. (They don't sell ground beef in Levuka, so I looked for alternatives) I found bacon. I won't be getting it often, but it is an option.

I have more nice pictures of where I went and such.

chickens in the trees

nice cloud picture

Scoping Moturiki

House in Moturiki

New spiders

New flat

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Walking through stories, War of the Bugs, and the Zed-bra

This was a wild week, hopefully I can remember.

Anyways, we will start with walking through stories, that is reference to almost all Elder Pence's mission stories came from out here in Levuka. I met many of the people he told me about.

So we rode in on a large ferry. The boat ride is about 1 hour. I am currently sleeping in a Hammock. I like this for the moment, cause it means no bugs can crawl on me. I am elevated. This brought me to the next part. In my flat in Nakelo, I woke up with a centipede in my bed. Well, I am determined this will not happen again. 
I was told coming in that the centipedes are bigger here, well I have only seen one here, and it was smaller than the one in Nakelo (could have been younger.) Well, I asked Elder Moantewa where the permetherin was (most of the Elders forget to use it, so I kill the flat over with it.) I dilluded it a bit, then I proceeded to spray the ENTIRE house. I did this in Nakelo in hopes that it would be bug free. Well in Nakelo, the largest of bugs would show up dead at random. I did so here in Levuka, bought some mosquito coils, lit them up, sprayed the hammock with mosquito repellent, sprayed my pillow and blanket as well. I woke up the next morning looked down to see the centipede squirming, I decided to seal the deal, and sprayed him again for sure measures. Wish I knifed it, but I cut of the pincers and left. Well came back and it was not there.............. So now there is an undead centipede with no pincers running around. Good thing I disarmed him.... This has now become war!

In other news, I have already climbed the 199 steps. Gathered sand for service, but have not yet gone to Moturiki. We do that tomorrow (Moturiki is a smaller island of the side of Ovalau). 

Anyways the last part of the title is on account of Friday where I was arguing over the letter Z. Well in other countries they say Zed, yet when they sing the song they say Zee. Well this girl was about 4 or 5, and while eating she was showing me this card with letters w-z. Her parents watched and laughed during this whole ordeal. Well, she got to letter Z and she said Zed, I pointed at the picture, and said what is this (it was a Zebra) Well she then seeing the spelling, and being a bit distracted said the zed-bra. Her parents thought it was hysterical. Well I think I won, cause then I told it was the zebra not the zed-bra. She then switched and said Zebra (VICTORY!!!!)

ovalau from the mainland

me on the shore of ovalau

My bed!

first place we visited has a white board that says DANGER ZONE!!!!!

Dying centipede!

this cool building in town (the Symbol looks like AC)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

"I'm On a Highway to Levuka!"

We lit stuff on fire, crossed a stream, walked bare-foot on bushes, rode in a truck, crammed a small flat, took many road-trips to waila, and tomorrow I will actually report to my new area.

As you may have gathered I am transferred to Levuka. My area is the Island of Ovalau just off the east coast, I go by boat Tuesday.
 I am replacing Elder D. Johnson, and will be with Elder Moantewa for 6 weeks (missionary 2 for the kill count) I am just destined to get missionaries at the worst time. The end. You would imagine great, they will be knowledgeable, but with the constant lurk of home on their mind, it is hard for them to focus. 

Anyways not much for this week. I am officially exiled to the boonies! I will be off the main land in Elder Pence's old area. I guess this will be my mission "claim to fame". Well, let me summarize the week. Tuesday I was called bright and early. I sat at my desk when the phone went off. It was President Layton's set ringtone. Elder Motuliki thought I was lying, but I showed him the ID. I walked out to find reception, and was given assignment to go to Levuka. This ought to be way fun. I have seen the effects of stress on other missionaries, but I have not been really stressed in my other areas, so I should manage amazingly. That and my lack of care to where I am, I will do what I am called to do; attitude will keep me very well fine-tuned. 

As for events we have been staying with the Burewai Elders just out of Korovou. I met the Stake President of Nausori for the first time yesterday. He is way cool! We seem to have a far increased focus of the work in this district. Looks like the leaders are pushing for it to grow. Much work will come soon.

Well we stayed in Korovou where they did a little party outside our flat. It awoke Elder Noble and I, so Elder Noble tricked them to think the truck alarm was sound sensitive. He kept setting it off whenever they got loud. Well they started to shush each other eventually. We slept the rest of the night really well. 

Another thing was my new companion killing a mouse with a clean gut. He used a dull butter knife. We saw one in the flat. Elder Hafen trapped it, then told Elder Moantewa to wait for it. E. Moantewa said he needed something to kill it with, and found a dull butter knife, as opposed to a shoe to smash it. Well it came out, and with one fatal swing E. Moantewa sliced it open without hitting it into the floor or against the wall. Then walks off to dispose of the knife as if nothing happened.

I get to stay in the Nausori zone, and will normally see the zone once a month. This month will be special. We get to come back 2 more times. Then it will be normal for the time being. Love you all! Next chapter mada!

 Beach with Zone in nakela
My new watch (22 FJD it is a fashion watch) It is my diamond camo watch, I accomplished my challenges for all camos.

Year Mark Milestone!

last district meal (my king sized king flavored pizza)

Reflected past to remember the future.

Day one in Burewai

Chilling with Elder Noble

The dEEd mouse (lik dis if you cruoy evertim) bless your face if you sneezed, and if you puked, well, better out then in.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot Cross Buns!!!!!!

I ate them, they taste like regular buns. A random member from Lami happened to drive by. People just give the missionaries stuff.

Well this week was not super eventful, except just hitting my expectations! Some weeks ago I made a goal to get 5 new people to teach. Well I wrote that on last weeks goals setting, and we got 5 exactly without really trying extra hard.

Transfers are this week, they happen mid week, so I will talk about it next week. 

Nakelo is very strong now. It is solid 50+ attendance each week, when 4 months prior it was only 10-20 each week. As for update on Lautoka (my first area) is doing amazing! Nice to see that my efforts there paid off.

Sorry not to much time today, because of Easter, Monday is a holiday, cause Friday is. This makes all the internet shops close. We finally found one. Yet we are short for time, we are going to the beach today. We have to meet up (this beach is the one from all the other times in our area, it is the village of the current prime-minister.)

This week I took more videos for the books. I have one with me and a voice modulator. I sound like an assault droid from the Clone Wars.

I received one package. I have received the one sent in March. The ones from Feb and Jan are un-found.

My flower art