Sunday, April 19, 2015

Walking through stories, War of the Bugs, and the Zed-bra

This was a wild week, hopefully I can remember.

Anyways, we will start with walking through stories, that is reference to almost all Elder Pence's mission stories came from out here in Levuka. I met many of the people he told me about.

So we rode in on a large ferry. The boat ride is about 1 hour. I am currently sleeping in a Hammock. I like this for the moment, cause it means no bugs can crawl on me. I am elevated. This brought me to the next part. In my flat in Nakelo, I woke up with a centipede in my bed. Well, I am determined this will not happen again. 
I was told coming in that the centipedes are bigger here, well I have only seen one here, and it was smaller than the one in Nakelo (could have been younger.) Well, I asked Elder Moantewa where the permetherin was (most of the Elders forget to use it, so I kill the flat over with it.) I dilluded it a bit, then I proceeded to spray the ENTIRE house. I did this in Nakelo in hopes that it would be bug free. Well in Nakelo, the largest of bugs would show up dead at random. I did so here in Levuka, bought some mosquito coils, lit them up, sprayed the hammock with mosquito repellent, sprayed my pillow and blanket as well. I woke up the next morning looked down to see the centipede squirming, I decided to seal the deal, and sprayed him again for sure measures. Wish I knifed it, but I cut of the pincers and left. Well came back and it was not there.............. So now there is an undead centipede with no pincers running around. Good thing I disarmed him.... This has now become war!

In other news, I have already climbed the 199 steps. Gathered sand for service, but have not yet gone to Moturiki. We do that tomorrow (Moturiki is a smaller island of the side of Ovalau). 

Anyways the last part of the title is on account of Friday where I was arguing over the letter Z. Well in other countries they say Zed, yet when they sing the song they say Zee. Well this girl was about 4 or 5, and while eating she was showing me this card with letters w-z. Her parents watched and laughed during this whole ordeal. Well, she got to letter Z and she said Zed, I pointed at the picture, and said what is this (it was a Zebra) Well she then seeing the spelling, and being a bit distracted said the zed-bra. Her parents thought it was hysterical. Well I think I won, cause then I told it was the zebra not the zed-bra. She then switched and said Zebra (VICTORY!!!!)

ovalau from the mainland

me on the shore of ovalau

My bed!

first place we visited has a white board that says DANGER ZONE!!!!!

Dying centipede!

this cool building in town (the Symbol looks like AC)