Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hot Cross Buns!!!!!!

I ate them, they taste like regular buns. A random member from Lami happened to drive by. People just give the missionaries stuff.

Well this week was not super eventful, except just hitting my expectations! Some weeks ago I made a goal to get 5 new people to teach. Well I wrote that on last weeks goals setting, and we got 5 exactly without really trying extra hard.

Transfers are this week, they happen mid week, so I will talk about it next week. 

Nakelo is very strong now. It is solid 50+ attendance each week, when 4 months prior it was only 10-20 each week. As for update on Lautoka (my first area) is doing amazing! Nice to see that my efforts there paid off.

Sorry not to much time today, because of Easter, Monday is a holiday, cause Friday is. This makes all the internet shops close. We finally found one. Yet we are short for time, we are going to the beach today. We have to meet up (this beach is the one from all the other times in our area, it is the village of the current prime-minister.)

This week I took more videos for the books. I have one with me and a voice modulator. I sound like an assault droid from the Clone Wars.

I received one package. I have received the one sent in March. The ones from Feb and Jan are un-found.

My flower art