Sunday, March 29, 2015

(Exact Fijian to English) We the elders!

This week is what would be considered the normal everyday missionary life, or at least best description. We wake up, study, eat lunch, run around in the hot sun, return after seeing 12 appts fall-through (which that being so normal you imagined you would only get 5 appts in total that day), and with your slightly scorched body, you plan to do  it again the next day. O how great is the rest at the end of those days.

As "you may have gathered", we get no amazing events. However, there is much more going on. We had Zone Conference (the meeting you meet with the mission President) where we received some trainings, and had interviews. I would have to say these are my favorite trainings, and should pattern the trainings given in other meetings in our mission. I took a few videos of some things, to show later how these work. I really like to have interviews. This is where you can discuss one-on-one with the mission President. His purpose is to help us to become converted, and oversee the work in this mission boundary. He calls Assistants to help him, then Zone Leaders, and District Leaders. To assist in the training of missionaries, and to help convert those in there perspective stewardship. Think about that. Why is it that there are leaders installed to convert the missionaries? Because being a missionary can be disheartening. It can be the cause for much stress, and can even throw much doubt into your mind. We are exposed to the people of the world to see the different concerns and solve them. Yet with that a missionary can feel with that concern from their own lack, and lose sight of that they know to be true.

It is known that people go away. When Christ was teaching that He was the bread of life, that man must eat His flesh, and drink His blood, lest they should parish. Many of His disciples were offended and left His side. Then He asked the twelve with Him," Will ye also go away?" A heart-breaking question, but Peter answered saying' "to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." This precept that testimony must come of the spirit is what will keep someone solid true and firm in testimony. If you ask for a miracle to prove faith, that is not faith at all. How many miracles did the people in the times of Moses see, yet they still "dwindled in unbelief." That is what goes on in a mission. The disciples testify of Christ, but they are still to, just as susceptible to the things of the world. They are not invincible, or perfect beings. They are in this with they whom they teach. I testify of this work being true. If you truly want to know, you have to actually do the things to know. Read the Book of Mormon, pray about it. I never felt the spirit from reading, until I nearly finished the Book. God is there. He has sent His people to be His blessings to His children. I share this in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Finally see the temple again.


Elder Perrit in Elder Ita's glasses

Elder Motuliki's Birthday!