Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Na Kau ka- Levu! (the big stick by translation)"

It is indeed a story, but a small one. It starts with that of us visiting a member. While in the house we chatted, and one the kids sat outside crying. When he finally came in, he was sent to shower. They dressed him, then sat him on a mattress in the living room. The member told us that he plays with the neighbor girls, but they are older, and he wants to be the boss. This means if he did not get his way, then he would attempt to fight. Well that led him to his current state of the story. As we talked, in his sleep, he stated loud and clear," Na Kau ka levu." He added lots of emphasis to the words ka levu, which is equivalent to saying the word "huge" very exaggerated. We laughed, thinking of his previous fight with the girls, now continuing in his dreams. Well this did not end here. When E. Motuliki and I returned, turning the lights out, we sat there in silence for 5 minutes. I was nearly to fall asleep, when he said, "Na Kau kalevu!" It was followed by much laughter. It is now a new inside joke!

 Anyways, we have been preparing Tima and Tomasi for baptism on the 21st. Everything is prepared, for it, just have to get there. We had lunch with them Sunday at President Delanas. It was a first birthday, which is huge in Fiji. Well only in Fai-Jai do they give the one-year-old the knife to cut the cake.... Sort-of... I sat at the head with President Delana. It is weird that seats for eating holds a rank. Normally the head of the house, sits at the head. His 1st born son sits in the next. If there is an honored guest of male gender, they take the seat of the first-born. Then it is his sons in order down. The birthday boy in a lunch for his birthday, sits after the last son for eating, but for the ceremony, sits at the head. Well, we may try to sit down, but they always tell us to "dabe cake", or sit higher. They hold high respect for us the Elders. We in Fijian are called Qase, yet by the public, called talatala or preacher. Qase is a more respectful term. Yet we are not old, so we are referred to as the English elders only.

 Anyways, we had not a week of swords, and bamboo poles, nor very long trips taking half a day. We did, however, have a week. That much is enough for me. 
Oh yeah, well I told about my right foot, but the left felt worse. Well it hurt so bad, I found conviction enough to stab my foot, with a needle with antibiotics on the end of it. Well, it has finally paid off, as I am now able to walk fine. It lead to many bleeding episodes of walking, but now I am not bleeding, it has healed ,and the swelling is going down. Just keeping you updated, my feet are now back to normal!  (I told Connor I might need proof that it is all better and I asked if he took some days to rest and let it get better. He just laughed and said" It is all good now.  Haha.  The sandals were no fun to put on, but I had to do the work.  I can not waste time.  I set milestones for baptisms, and there is no time to waste.")

Have an great week yous people. Until da next week doh.
Celebration of a firstborn birthday

My left foot