Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rock you like a Hurricane (Hurricane Connor)

Our mission is all accounted for.

 The Hurricane didn't actually hit us, but we did feel its rain and winds.

 There was much sheltering, and chattering of teeth! O how great was the sight thereof! Waters fell from Heaven to fill the Earth. Many marveled at its wondrous thunder. Which thunder was more due to the rain pounding on the tin roofs of this land of Growth, heretofore known as Fiji. Amidst the constant splatter, the missionaries did triumph over the storm. It changed course fleeing from the sight of the Disciples of the One true Lord. O the likeness of people, as they hide themselves from the gospel. Yet this un-cut stone will roll-on til all the purposes of God be fulfilled! All people will here the refreshing call of the Living waters. They will have chance to witness the greatness of a fountain springing for life, yet not all will drink thereof. For they abound in their wickedness, and have turned from the light! Yet the disciples of God stretch their hands forth to be has typified saviors, to bring about the works of Christ, that they may have His salvation!

 What a good week though hahaha! That was my scriptural speak! I practice everyday, when I teach people! I try to sound prophetic, like those of old! haha not really, just is really cool sometimes, and pretty funny now in the English language.

 We have been prepping for the baptism this next week, and I will supply the pictures of the baptism when it "comes to pass" next week. I took a video of me werewere tiko (gardening with a knife the size of a machete) E. Motuliki. I hit the grass, then go for him. (Now a message from the producers, no one was actually hurt in the making. It only places a bit of dirt on E. Motuliki's elbow, we now return to me describing the week) Afterwards, we had Bu, the drinking kind of coconuts. NOTHING LIKE A REFRESHING COCONUT AFTER A DAYS WORK SLICING GRASS BEFORE A HURRICANE!!!!! - Elda MacLeod.

We closed our days in darkness, being that the clouds blotted out the sight of the moon. We do not have street lights either. It was really dark for a time. It is all good.

Hope you all have a holly Jolly week! ( just like the song! : have a holly jolly weekend, it's the best time of the week, stayin out late, with the friends you know..... this song has been discontinued because the flow of rhyme has ceased to satisfy the character of this email) 


(The Disrtict  From the left E. Gunderson, E. Tairua, E. Motuliki, My Apple Juice (2.4 liters), E. Court, and E. Tera