Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spice, the variety of events

I will go in order eh?

Monday I cut my finger open playing a game known to the Polys. Pani. You stack cans, knock them down, while they other team is doing a bit of dodgeball to get you out. Luckily, we asked for band-aids the night before. Inspired thinking?!!!! I also saw this guy who gave me bananas a while back. He gave me free socks. They say Hurricanes on them. He just knows my sockiness (no pun intended). It was at that time we were met by this guy from Peru. He talked to us a long while. He started by saying he knows Joseph Smith was very charismatic. He said that if he were to live longer, then this church would be the biggest. Well then he talked of how Brigham was very organized. Well after talking this all up, he goes to the Book of Mormon, and says that the Mayans and Incans have no relation to the Lamanites. Well long-story short, we missed our bus, and had to take another, which was the cause for much more walking.
Thursday, I was on an exchange with E. Court. We tete'ed kasva for a while. Well I saw that one of the guys was bleeding on his leg. I thought, how clumsy. Well, it never occurred to me that I was bleeding in the same place.
Friday, we waited a long time for the ZLs to drop us some baptism clothing. Well they said they would be there, so we waited...... and waited..... Well, this was annoying cause we ended up waiting an extra 3 hours for them. They gave no call to say they could not make it, so no work got done Friday. We came to the conclusion that they were not coming, so we went to Dinner. Well they forgot, so we returned. Well this random taxi driver decided to give us a ride, and he stopped halfway. Well outside we saw, the parents of the family for our dinner appointment. By this time it is 8:10, so we can not go back to Vuci. When he noticed me waving, he had a heart-attack almost. (to put it in perspective, if Fijians do not be friendly, or do not give us good hospitality, they say their blessings stop.) They ended up giving us 10 dollars, and I made this Pasta out of what we had out the house. No idea what I was doing, but it ended up being one of the best things I ate here......
Saturday, we went around to the various people telling them of the Relief Society party. I took a video of a kid trying to bathe the dog, it was way funny. He tried to tie a clothe at first, but the dog kept lying down, and biting the clothe. Well once it was on, the kid tried to pull the dog only for the dog to scare him.... I have a video, but I can not send that over email....
Later that evening the ZLs showed up to give us the baptismal clothes. We gave them some food before they left. (No hard feelings hahahaha) We filled up the font for the baptism the next morning, we got a good number of non-members to attend the party.

Sunday was the baptisms! I had to conduct the meeting. I now can for sure say that I can conduct a full meeting in Fijian, cause I did it!

My finger cut.  My leg got cut by kasava.  It happens all the time!

Hurricane socks

This is the Young womens camp book. The picture on the left is a member, her name is Asinate. She was telling us she was in the book.

Bro Roko was dancing!
More of the party!

The baptisms were Tima Talcy and Tomasi. President Delana was in the picture with us.