Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beauty and the Beach!

Yes, it is to say the beach does not look beautiful.  It is dirty, and the sand sticks to you more on this beach. 

We started with a Zone Beach trip to our area. We may have been there too long in my opinion.... People eventually got bored and sat down. I took some videos while running with the play. It will be good to watch memories in the future. I have found videos are better in every way. I just make sure I get pictures for these emails. They are much funner to look at!

Anyways, the next day we went to ZTM. It was good. Right afterwards, I went to Kuku with E. Gunderson on Exchanges. (He is the DL) I was out there for the last part of Tuesday, Wednesday, then returned Thursday morning. We had very good exchanges. We set two baptismal dates, the others set two baptismal dates. 

 We sat down with our Branch mission leader, and gave him names of the most active M. Priesthood holders in the ward. He gave the names to the Branch Presidency, and now we all have a goal set. We know who to focus on to make this place a ward. It will be nice to have a ward here. It gives a budget for activities. Normally grows much faster once it is indeed a ward. I received an email from the Ward mission Leader of Lautoka, he told me how great the work is going there now. I remember it was not so we I got there, and I guess I can say it was left better than I found it. Now I would like this to be on the rise, and it is now on-track, and we are with full support of the branch. They are going on themselves.

 Anyways, there is not much from this week. I really like our district. Sad it will most likely be split in April, but it is at least a long transfer. No really funny events, I guess I walk with a limp haha. It is a considerable amount of pain. My feet are swelling. The pressure from walking is very painful. Came up Tuesday, but is getting worse. I actually have an open wound on the top of my right foot. any ways, I am taking care of it. I will be alright. As long as I breathe I am working!
 ( I fussed him to make sure he was taking care of the wound when I received this and he replied:  
"don't worry. Antibiotic cream is on its way. I called it in this morning, cause I saw it would not heal very fast, so some should get to me today. I have been using neosporin and band-aids in the meantime.")

Planner 8 finished

on the beach

Found the Bush!