Sunday, April 26, 2015

Firebat: "Smells like victory!"

Hahaha, I have fire bats on the field of war!!!!!

Well this week the war wages on, I finally saw a larger centipede. It was longer than my foot. This happened as I went to the bathroom. I grabbed some shoes, cause the bathroom floor was all wet from the shower. I walked in to see a centipede crawling around. E. Moantewa and I grabbed a lighter mosquito spray, and my camera.. One dead bug. Sorry no picture, just the video. Maybe when I come home.

Anyways, we are doing amazing. We have been working hard in what we are doing. The stake Presidency was congratulating us yesterday. I met with Bro. Ligica from Nakelo yesterday. He came for our branch conference.

Food wise, we have to make do with the items we get, I have gotten questions on what I eat, well.... When I cooked this week, I made spaghetti with bacon. (They don't sell ground beef in Levuka, so I looked for alternatives) I found bacon. I won't be getting it often, but it is an option.

I have more nice pictures of where I went and such.

chickens in the trees

nice cloud picture

Scoping Moturiki

House in Moturiki

New spiders

New flat