Sunday, February 8, 2015

This is WARD!!!!!!

Well not yet, I wish, it might as well be. We had 90 people there. We had to fill more sacrament cups.

 Anywhose, we had quite the week, I had a better title like 2 days ago, and I remember thinking a lot happened this week, then I sat down at the computer..... duh duh duhnn.....

 We will start with Hokuin's Birthday. He shares a birthday with Jeremy. I bought him a blowhorn! It just totally fit him. They got him a really nice cake, and I have a video where the ZL throws his head into it hahahahahaha. That will get back home one day.....! Anyways we planned out the next month and a half for the next baptisms we will have. That will be good.

 Well now for the events and picture descriptions. We were walking one day to our dinner appt, when we saw a cloud that looked like a dinosaur, I took a picture through the trees, I call it the (I am a Steg-O Saurus!) hahaha asdf films! Well anyways, we had food over at their house, which was really good, but my stomach did not agree that it was good. I started to feel it churn, I quickly ate more (you would think to eat less when you feel sick, but I had a quick-plan) after eating really fast, I acted like I was getting close to full, they allowed me to go lie down a while. A few minutes later I finished it then layed down again. They were so happy I was full, yet I was not. We then left as I took about 5 breaks walking 20 minutes back to our house..... I kept it in! Great plan!

 Some other side stuff, was the ZLs showing up again! hahaha It is very regular. Nawahine was practicing driving to get his license. They showed up at our place to do a bit of service, but we were waiting for the technician to fix our power meter box..... It is working now, just in a nik of time.

 Sunday was a time where Motuliki was dancing around the flat. I have a few videos, but I will send what pictures I have.

 Lots happened this week, yet it was just small instances cause I took a lot of pictures. That is my week rate on things happening. I only take pics if things happen. I got the package, it is not the right type of charger, but it came in time for us to help our land lord hahaha. Her charger broke, so we charged her phone. She got a new charger now, but it came in right when it was needed. The sandals have made it!

Missionaries with Motuliki

New Planner

My new Fiji Shirt

I am a Steg-O Saurus!