Sunday, January 11, 2015

Zerg Roach Warren

Where to start? Well we had my first Nausouri ZTM finally. It was pretty fun. We set our new goals, and we already hit it and doubled!!!!! The most exciting thing was having 80 members at church in a branch. That is more then Lautoka 1st ward! We went from 10 people last week to 80..... Hmmmmm

Anyways this week went fast. It was Elder Haretuku's last full week. We got the Transfer call, and Elder Motuliki will be my new companion. He finishes just before Jeremy.

I went on exchanges in the Bau area where we found the beach in their area, walked on water for a bit, then taught these random people that came from around the side of the bushes. As we were finishing our next appointment came in from the ocean..... It was weird... But don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Anyways we got our new water filters, but there was a roach in one..... We tossed it...... The dang zerg popped a warren.....

Anyways Elder Haretuku drew a picture. In the baptism he took a plunge himself as well, after Solomone left the font. Man we had some good laughs. Well now we just moku siga until Elder Motuliki gets here!