Sunday, January 18, 2015

A companion leaves every transfer til July.

Well I got my new comp this week, Elder Motuliki. He is from where Kimi Fisher is serving her mission.,  New Zealand, he is Tongan and was there til he turned 8, then moved to New Zealand. We essentially walked this week. In the rain. We had some storms, so the power kept cutting out. Luckily it is sunny today, but with the random weather, it may mean a hurricane is forming, pray eh?
This week was mostly uneventful. I mean we had great church attendance again so that is good!
Well, it is all back to the grinding stone. Luckily by what our board looks like we will be kept busy. We did lots of walking, cause I don't know the whole area, so part of this is to explore the place. Well with 4 hours of straight walking we finally found the right place. I wish people gave better direction, or even a phone number sometimes. Saddest part is this came from the missionaries.
Anyways with transfers rolling in, my comp Haretuku went home. Loloma bibi Bro. Haretuku! With him going home, I was tossed around a bit. I went to makoi a while, to finish it all up the ZLs just had dinner at our flat. We relaxed after a long 2 days of transfers. Anyways, we did lots of walking.
I was thinking of how transfers go, and Elder Pence goes home in 4 weeks, aligned with the transfer. I remembered all my comps and I say good bye to one every transfer now. Until July. Then it is just friends in the mission. I have a friend in every transfer going home, except for the newer ones. That is the cycle of a missionary. Your friends in the mission leave, then you have know idea who anyone is. I am getting to the point where I know the missionaries in our mission. All those who are my companions have no idea who I am before they meet me. I believe that is a good thing. Imagine meeting all sorts of people, that have been around those you know, but don't hear anything really about you. That means that there is no gossip circulating about me. Which there is so much it is sad some times, glad that my name has not come across the board.
Fight against gossip. It is destructive to everyone. It degrades those who spread it and ruins the reputations of great people. I would hope that every one of you form your own opinions, rather than build on someone else.
1. Motuliki and I
2.the bunker!

3. Walking in the rain