Sunday, December 21, 2014

mmmm what you x-ray

Hmm well emails get more difficult each week. I sit at a computer reading the emails from home, and then when I want to email, I sit there for a bit beating myself up trying to think of the things worth sharing that people want to hear..... I mean I always have something, but if it is too boring, not even I would want to read it.

Anyways, (classic entry) This week started off with a visit to the physical therapist. Well, after doing some checks, I was told to go get an x-ray. Well, then we had to return one week later, so we had the appointment early this morning. I am tired...... Got my results though, but we'll get there.

Well, first off we had quite the week. This area improves every week. We go up at the same rate each week. We had an exchange where I went to Bau. I had to sleep in a mosquito net for once. Man do they suck. I walked into their flat, and this is my direct quote vs. E. Nawahine's response. I said," this is the worst flat I have ever been in," Nawahine said  "man this has been my best flat in the mission." hahahaha I laughed a bit. Well, I didn't fit in the coil, so it took ages for me to fall asleep. I could hear the mosquitos buzzing around my head the entire time, luckily they left my feet alone that were hanging out.

Well, we got back and had church and stuff same ole, same ole. Then went to a fireside, and came back. Well, here are my results. My hip has been pulled out of place by tight muscles. Show choir helped me with something, so I need a thank you to go to Sister Gull and Mr. Child. The Physical therapist said I was the most flexible guy he had worked with, which at first I didn't think I was flexible, but I was able to lay my knees flat to my chest. I almost got my legs straight, but they stopped still a bit bent. Well, I quickly grabbed the x-ray picture, and took a picture of it for you peeps! It is a good pelvis, just one hip is pulled slightly making it shallow. This means I makes my hip pull into a natural relax as I walk, which is causing the pain, cause my hip is pushing out wrong. (They gave him some exercises to do and taught him how to do real, effective lunges to stretch.)

I made some more art with my blanket a midst the mornings and nights. I will give the picture, see if you know what they are.
More Blanket art

Even more blanket art
 ( We are so impressed with Connor's blanket 
crafting abilities, maybe there is a future in this?)

Elder MacLeod by the ruins

My hip x ray

Pigeons dance off on the roof

minecraft wall, with lowered entrance
 (this one is for you Caden!)