Sunday, December 14, 2014

Snow in Fiji?

hmmm, not my most creative title, but it makes you wonder? Let-uce start at the ending. I am emailing, go back a bit further, we are at our flat, a bit further, it was Sunday and we are at church. Further than that, and we were wandering around seeing fall-throughs rain from the sky. Even further, and we had a branch Christmas party. Further, we got a bit of lessons, then even more, we have our tri-zone Christmas party. We go into that(comma) but we skip back to the beginning. It was Monday, we finished emailing, and I went to a side shop where I found a back-up charger! It is junky and may break, but I had camera use! We had the rest of our P-day, then a district sleepover at our flat. We had to do so to all be on time to our zone conference the next day in Suva. Well we played a bit of chess, then went to sleep. Anyways we went the next day and had our zone conference and some activities. I was able to see all my original district that was still here. The only ones gone were our old ZLS. Which that means yes, I was reunited with my trainer! Anyways to get to the point of it all, we watched FROZEN as 3 zones! I missed about the last 45 minutes of it..... Even though it was out before my mission, I still don't know how it ends.....Anyways that is why snow in Fiji.... You all actually thought there was snow, you is na ulumukau! hahahahaha not much this week. Sorry so short, I am on my way to physical therapist.  Got to get my hip checked out today, it may be out of place, but that is ok!

Guess who's back!?

Ginger bread Fiji style (they are breakfast crackers)

Make shift airplane wing bridge

the ruins behind our flat.

The island life

Blanket Art 2
Potato soap from Idaho sold in Fiji

Fruits of our labor