Sunday, December 7, 2014

And the Horse you rode in on.....

It was not even real leaving Lautoka. I had been there so long it was just automatic and natural. Yet as it all goes you need to move along. From the beginning:
I spent everyday from 9:30 to 10:30 packing from Sunday night. While packing, I noticed one item no longer in the house. My camera charger...... I will be needing one, If you could send one, I will look around as best I can, but better safe than no pictures, not many carry the brand of camera I have, so I am looking for places that sell micro usb cords, wish me luck?
Anyways, after packing my super huge bags full of stuff, I finished Tuesday night at 10:25. I left at 7:00 in the morning, then caught a very long bus ride. When the bus had finally arrived who other than my trainer greets me off the bus. If you all remember, he was sent off island to Taveuni, well, he was there for only 6 weeks. I always told him he would finish Suva Zone-Leader, so when I got there that is what I said to him. My entire original starting district for my first 3 months in Fiji will be at the same christmas party tomorrow. Well except our late zone-leaders E. Heath and Abplanalp, now Brothers Heath and Abplanalp. Anyways, my companion is E. Haretuku. He finishes his mission in about 5 weeks.
The area I am now in has been struggling. The APs came to try and fix the area, but it did not go, so they sought a new solution. I have the goal to make it a stable area before I leave, I may get low success on saints, but this place will be on track to get saints when I leave it!

Not sure how this side of the island works. It rains everyday here, and floods. I am in the flood zone. We are going through hurricane season. To see one would be way cool! That would be the scariest thing though! Funny how that works! Just pray our house doesn't get flooded. I don't like my stuff getting all wet...... anyways that is the week. Sorry no picture this week, the camera is dead, please send a charger!

oh Yes, My first morning I woke up to a huge 8  inch centipede crawling up my bed, well it made me so paranoid that I kept jumping out of bed every hour thinking one was on me. We ended up super poisoning the floor, and we find big huge dead spiders starting to pop-up everywhere.

These are some pics from E. Haretuku:

The Flood!

Sheltering a little kitten.