Sunday, November 30, 2014

A B Cs and ABACAs

Sorry for being late we just got back from a mountain hike gone wrong...... I will get there though. This week has many events actually. Going out of Lautoka in a bang oops... spoilers.....

This week we had a great beginning, but were so busy in the end, then reality hit us Sunday. We kept lessons steady through all this side stuff, so brace yourselves, and hands in the truck, under the blackboard...... 

We will start with the beginning, we travel this one pathway often here, with a log you walk across, well I was walking, and partially fell in...... all was good, we matched our best day for lessons still with that, I was kind of all over the place and out of it. Moving along, the same day with me out of it, I was clapping (which is respectful finish here) but I kept clapping, so the lady was laughing like she never has before. Well, following which we left and went along with the day. Later the same week we had our long waited for Koroipita (Project Benjamin) that we have been working on for ages.... It went pretty decent, I may not get to see the after effects, but I saw the event through. We had some fun news reports from E. Johnson and KSL 5 news.  I sent my last 2 sd cards to the walkers to take home. You will have to wait longer on these videos. They were funny.

Anyways, Transfers were this week, and we all guessed what would happen... I have being driven out of Lautoka to a small village known as  Nakelo in Nausouri Zone. Luckily it is just out of town, so I go to Nausouri Town every week, I am in a koro, but emails and P-days are all good! I have a comp there who will be with me 6 weeks before he goes home. President has told me things concerning the future of the mission for me, but I will let them play out, and leave you all guessing. I am in on the future for once, and I know what will happen to me in transfer 6 weeks from now, but that is for me to know, and you all to find in due time. Just know it is an opportunity to grow, and become a better disciple.

Anyways, I was really late back today to email, a 2 hour trip turned to 4 fast. Sister Wright will be going home from finishing her mission, and she has never been on (a) adventure. We went to the mountain koro of abaca (ahm-bah-thah) to hike to a waterfall, well our tour guide was very prideful, and thought she knew her way, and did not want to look dumb in front of the missionaries........  Well word of advice, it is better to look dumb, than be the reason of sorrow. These emails are not for me, if they were I would say so little, but I have learned, and President Layton has told me how these emails are to encourage and uplift others. 

Long story short, we ran into a Fijian guy who was shocked I knew fijian. 
He pointed out the way. It was a good trip though.

The hike

pictures on the hike

More landscape from hike

Chillin in Fiji

crazy voodoo like thing, I added a sasa to (sasa is broom) 

ward mission last time together in action! Moce Lautoka 1st!
Nakelo flood (we are officially in flood season)

waiyavi waterfall

Preparing Chocolate pudding pies to go along with our Thanksgiving Feast from care package.  (Thanks Mom)

This week's fridge.  Care packages are great!