Sunday, November 2, 2014

The difference between tomatoes, and Missionaries on service days....

The difference between tomatoes, and Missionaries on service days....

Well if you don't know....... you may not find it.....

Anyways to answer the package question I got it this week! Yet since Merika is a day behind, I got it on Halloween in America. So we celebrated Halloween a day late, but it was the greatest! Our neighbor is really nice, so she just keeps giving us mangos..... Well we had so much so for Halloween, we carved mangoes and took some pictures for the peeps back home.

Most of the week was just showing E. Johnson around. I mean we went to a settlement that I had never been to within my area, and picked up 9 potentials with return appointments within 15 minutes....... Sometimes I wonder if missionaries before us actually talk to people.... Everyone there was saying, Oh the missionaries would just walk through and never talk to us..... It is amazing what happens when you just talk to people, the principle is being friendly and kind.  You don't need to  share anything, but be as you would to your friends. (That is just what I spoke about in my farewell talk)

My mission starting in what is supposedly a "good ward" in Fiji is a testimony to me of how a functioning ward runs by certain aspects. The biggest way to retain activity is in activities themself. People do not like boring. Lots of people just go inactive with no activities. Do not take them for granted. Before I leave here, I want to get the mutual established here. It may not happen, but I know if I won't E. Johnson will. We had a great fireside a couple weeks ago. The ward loved it on the basis that it was a(n) fun activity.

Anyways Zone P-day is today...... I think I will buy a soccer ball at one of the side shops. Let me know if you have any questions like example, how to make fun of someone in Fijian, or what kind of food do you eat?  Not much more happened that was interesting in the week. Just the normal missionary talk. Funny stuff, but not memorable as well. Anyways, pictures are clogging the internet.

Mango Jack-o-lanterns

Part of Halloween Stash