Sunday, November 16, 2014

Need I say more?

This week had its events.......I will start at our really lame Qito (sport) There was only 4 of us, and it was no-contest..... We had no fun with it. After which we were at our new investigators house. They made us pie and dinner. Well, while there we went through our food. Of course, I pounded through it faster than E. Johnson. Well, just before eating a member called and asked if we could run to the hospital to give a blessing...... We asked if she could call the Hindi Elders cause we were pre-occupied, but she insisted we call. Well, we called them and gave them the info, but they reworked the hospital entrance, so they called me to ask where the door was, but I didn't know they reworked it...... 
Well, they figured that out, so we ate food. Well, E. Johnson randomly came out and asked if he could step outside for a phone call. He walked outside, and came back in to tell me what really happened. He went out to puke. He puked 4 times. 
The next day was mission tour. Elder Halleck of the Quorum of the 70 came to speak to us. We had just an open discussion session. It was awesome. I loved it. I will probably save what happened there for when I come home 16 ish months from now. 
As the week went on we went to a settlement called Vunato for a return visit. Well, there was no male in the house again, so we left. As we were leaving, this lady  and this girl that saw us pass stopped us to ask about our church. After giving them a pamphlet, we heard the girl in the house yell, "Uro levu" which by translation would be super sexy......
That was not the end. We cut through the next settlement to get to our appointment faster. Well, as we entered, there was a girl in the tete on the left, 2 girls on the porch, and one behind us walking. They started to try and flirt, so we walked away a bit faster. We were walking through the middle when we passed a house with 8 girls on the porch. Also on the porch was this 12-year-old kid we had met while he rode his bike a week back. He started to talk to us (fijian) then as we were about to leave, he said E. Johnson was Kai Bua.  So then the girls were falling all over themselves so we turned yelling to each other lako lako lako! (lako=go) As we walked to the next place, E. Johnson turns and says," Man, I am questioning President on putting 2 skuxes together." hahhaha.  We have some funny moments. We end up running from settlement to settlement avoiding the girls.
Later, we had the 1 liter challenge, but somewhere along the way it became the 2 liter challenge. We each bought 2 liters of ice cream and had a race. Well, from the picture you can see I dominated!!! No one else finished. It was done in 15 minutes!
There are so many funny moments this week, like speaking Hindi (or the very little we know) at the Rameshwars, which lead to Sunday with a very embarrassing moment. Bro Rameshwar grabbed one of the YSA girls, turned to E. Johnson and said," Tum mangta?" which in Hindi that is: you want?  She was embarrassed, and we had a good laugh. Bro. Rameshwar really wants him to marry an Indian girl.  hhahahaha.

Until next time!

1. 2 liter challenge

2. Walking into the distance

This is Steve.

Notice how Steve is now down in the gutter..... 
Don't be like Steve, 
cause being in the gutter is no fun!