Sunday, November 23, 2014


Man things are lining up here.

Let-uce start with Monday. We didn't qito cause I didn't want to pay $5 to be somewhere for 15 minutes, so we sat around. E. Johnson was not feeling the greatest Monday anyway so it was all good. Tuesday we got out to go teaching. We had a lesson where we really complimented each other. We took extra time on each principle, well, the investigator was almost crying on every principle cause how happy he felt. We have got that a lot. Another missionary said he is always happy around us, cause we get along and just a an aurora of happiness about us.

Anyways moving along in the week. I went on an exchange with E. Raju...... He doesn't speak Fijian, cause he is the Hindi speaking Elder. This meant I had to teach every principle. Well I also had to move his baptismal date, so I dreaded the lesson the whole day thinking of how I would word it to not hurt his feelings. It went surprisingly well, and now as of result he will be baptized on the 29th.

Besides that I bought some new shoes for really cheap. It would be the equivalent of $10 USD so I got them to save for after I come home. I also wear them in the flat to keep my feet narrow. 

Not sure if I have said much , but we have been organizing a church media event. E. Pence and I had come up with the idea a long time back. Now we are still driving, just E. Pence is no longer here. It is scheduled to be on the 29th. We as the missionaries drew this idea up, and it has become a big thing now. I will let you all know how it goes. We were handing out fliers last week. Thus...... Richardson. (movie reference) 

Sorry not to much funny stuff...... I like this to be fun to read, but sometimes not much happens. Just the little trivial things. Ninjas with the kids, playing chicken with an umbrella versus a car (I totally won though.) Having popsicles (we made them out of water and those flavoring packets we got in the Halloween pkg). E Johnson's bollywood dream... And the bunch of Indian ladies trying to give me their daughters for marriage...... There was also E. Johnson speaking Hindi to the Fijian girls, then he realized it as we walked away, he was embarrassed, but he got to show off the Hindi speaking. We just rocked through giving out fliers by him speaking Hindi or Fijian. We even found a girl that wanted to be a missionary like us, so we told her if she comes to the event on Saturday we can show her how. Trivial stuff. This is like normal everyday. I guess there were missionaries is the news paper.....

Dinner out in a nice restaurant

My new shoes

Party in Lautoka

My name maze in progress

Missionaries from Fiji in the newspaper