Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Stick-ee situation

Let-tuce begin!
We had Zone P-day last Monday, which was really boring..... Everyone was bored so we sat around talking and catching up essentially. I bought a soccer ball, so I played a small bit of soccer! Most of the time at Zone P-day it is volley and rugby.

Anywhose..... Later that night we stayed with Ba. There is an E. Johnson in Ba right now (he has a blog). Well, we did splits with them, so the Johnsons went around convincing all the members they were brothers somehow in the same mission.... It was way funny. Well, then we sat around telling stories a long while, this lead to me and Johnson from Ba talking all night...... We even had like an hour and a half of language study. I just got too lazy to speak English...... Well ZTM (Zone Training Meeting) was the next day. I was so tired. Luckily E. Johnson had Zip-Fizz, which got me through it. It was way funny. I have some videos of it, but I can't really mail that yet.

Following this event, we had another Exchange. We had some good lessons with some of our investigators, then moved along to go home. Pres. Vuataki (mission 2nd counselor) gave E. Reeder and I dinner that night.

The next day we re-united and wandered from lesson to lesson. (normally the weeks start slow, but speed up after Wednesday.) We got a good bit in. We ate out like every single night. Well when we got back I said:"Nanuma, Nanuma na kalima ni Noveba." Nanuma is remember, and lima is 5. kalima is 5th. 

The next day, we did service in two places, got 2 lunches, but got taken away on one, so we had to throw it out to keep from getting bad. We were fed at the Nacebas house and got a golden referral from them. He is actually making us a pie today for visit number 2. We almost had 2 dinner appointments today, but the other cancelled since he will be home late.

Sunday was probably the funny day. We got out of church, and this was the 3rd time we have gotten Ice cream after church, except we were also provided lunch this time. Seems harmless at first, it just got funnier from there. We look to the side where we see Iva, this little girl chug a pepsi, then toss it like a drunk. We have no clue where she got it. Well then E. Raju ate the frosting off E. Johnsons cake...... Then Elder Johnson destroyed Rajus plate, then a food fight broke out between the 2. Well, E. Raju had chocolate frosting on his sulu, so a 2 year-old chased him around trying to get the chocolate. Well he left, and when we were standing around, the kid came back, but had a nice sized stick in his hands....... Well, he proceeded to start smacking my legs, hahhahaha, it stung a little but was way funny. The boys mom was way embarrassed, hahaha, but, we all had a great Sunday! Well that was the week.  E dua na nomuni taro? (any questions?)
Lunch at church with ICE CREAM!

Iva and her Pepsi

Lautoka Ward Building

Rockin Jeans on P-Day and my tan Lines! (we are going into Fiji summer here)

Smashing Elder Reeder