Sunday, October 26, 2014

The lighting, of Good triumphing over Evil

The lighting, of Good triumphing over Evil or in other words Diwali.(A week long Fijian Holiday) The week as I know it was great. Somehow, even with transfers (which I have something to say concerning those, and will get there later) we had more investigator lessons then last week.

Well that is the success of the week! Anyways the next part....transfers......

So as we know from last time E. Pence and I were finally separated. We had some good times, and we had some bad. As all the Earth must go, we leave. The new Companion E. Johnson (Ryland) (from Bountiful) is awesome. The day he was getting here, I became really involved in transfers. E. Pence left early Wednesday morning. This left me with the District Leader phone....... I got a call from the ZLs to go get E. Johnson at 1:00 pm, so with the Hindi Elders we left to get him. Well in this transfer the ZLs were not too well in contact, since they had someone transferring from Nasivikoso. This meant the Airport District Leader (E. Pulli) was running transfers. Well 1:00 comes around, so we go to get E. Johnson, well he was not there, but luckily we arrived when we did. Sister Wright was there by herself...... She apparently was not told to get off in Nadi to meet with her Companion there. Well, I was put in Contact with E. Pull from this point, and had to arrange her getting here. Well, eventually we got that solved, and set them to their area. Well, anyways E. Johnson did not leave Nadi though...... He stuck around, and did not get here til 4:30 pm, as I predicted. Well, sometime in there something happened to the ZLs, cause transfers were all over. Well E. Johnson got here, so I oversaw E. Roberts getting to Tavua, and gave an estimated time for him to get there. The next morning, I awoke to hear what Happened. The ZLs rolled their Truck 3 times. Luckily, only minor injuries. E. Tanoai was pinned inside, but they got him out. He just had a few scrapes, and a sore back. E. Fiso had the worst of it, and went to Suva. E. Johnson had to leave with E. Raju early to pick them up. Later we had the most food E. Johnson has seen his whole mission.
We had 3 lunches, and 2 dinners.......... Diwali makes people love you....
Well, the next day we had a missionary farewell, where I lead us in a song, and shared my thoughts.......... man, I just became the go-to guy here for stuff..... Well, again we had a lot of food, E. Johnson hardly touched it he was not used to  so much. Well, then I took a picture of the doub-step kid. He just did the same move...... Doub-step starts young here.

The rest of the week was less eventful, just Ice cream on sunday for an after church snack.... That was irregular. the other pick is us posing, I am too fast to be seen!