Sunday, October 5, 2014

Victor of the Hunger Games!

Was this not prophesied by those before us? Did not they declare unto us that Lautoka would triumph over their zone? And make them as the dust of the earth?

 Enough of that, but we won the trophy for our Zone P-day. Wish I took a picture of the trophy. It just sits in our flat. It Had rained for the first time in a while (which when it rains here, it rains.....) You can see the rain come over the hills a distance away. It just looks like a big huge fog coming over the hills (for those who know, it looks like Dragon Age origins at ostagar)

 Anyways the events were waterballoon volleyball, dodgeball, and Capture the flag. Well we destroyed the competition for water volley, E. Pence nailed the marked man for the dodgeball win. Capture the flag the other team just sat on their flag, so the game got no where. Yet as King Lahonti in the Book of Mormon, we were fixed in our minds with a determined resolution..... to win the trophy. Lautoka bought it a while back, and Nadi won first, then Dratabu won just before I got here. Then when the tournament came, we won. Since we had won 2 events, we won the tournament.

 Anyways not much else was this week. E. Pence had his birthday, and finally got a salusalu. The cake was way good too. We were fed all over the place. We have a huge lunch, then a huge dinner, were given the leftovers, so we ate it the next day, had 3 more lunch appointments, then had dinner. We got fed so much. Essentially that is the only way to gain here, but that schedule dropped now, so we are back to normal. Good while it lasted.
Hope you all have a good week! Moce!

Pouring Rain