Sunday, September 28, 2014

CSI Lautoka "....Won't Get Fooled again!....."

This week opened with a bang, and closed with a....., well it closed didn't it?

 Well it all started a late Monday evening, all was as a normal Sunday. We got back to our flat about 8, mosquitos were swarming our flat. I went to the back room, and noticed the screen was cut. So I closed the window (not thinking much of it cause of the darkness) We grabbed a mosquito coil, and smoked out them stupid bugs.

 The following morning we awoke, and I started my shower. Well E. Pence noticed the back window (the one I closed) was busted (it had a metal cage around it that was cut and bent). It was to the size that a man could jump in. Well we called our landlord, and they called their friend (a police investigator) to come check it out. As soon as they pulled up, I started singing, and I bet you can guess the song. Well long story short, I had to do I police statement....... It was soooooooo.......... Boring..... He never got in so that was good!

 Well Our landlord was scared out of his mind (I am thinking well duh? I mean the compound is not made to keep people out really) He told us he would get some guard dogs, and he hired some guys to put re barb bars on the windows. Well he got some dogs....... Or the most skid-dish puppies of all time....... Named thunder and bolt. One was yelping at elder pence walking toward him to pet it. It almost peed itself.....

 I got a $3 dollar hat for Zone P-day today.... Picture below, and I made a hood out of a towel. I call it Missionaries creed.

 Our investigator got baptized, his wife and him shared great testimonies.
Also we had kraft macaroni!
Til Next Week

A taste of Home

M for Macleod or Missionary?

Homemade hat out of towel