Sunday, September 7, 2014

The walking dead........

This has been a week for helping less-actives. Not as many investigator lessons. We put in our miles though. If anything is for sure, my legs should be jacked at the end of my mission haha. Well as for the week's stuff:

Alright so transfers were Saturday (which has a huge surprise) and a(n) cancelled open house. Members getting mad at us for things we have no say in, and blessings?

So I will start with the members. I do not know what it is about the people here, but they expect missionaries to be able to solve every problem (non-gospel as well) exactly when it comes around. Missionaries in the majority of their eyes are perfect. Others think they can lie to us cause we got hit by a stupid stick or something......

 Well anyways after that, we had an open house. Well we told everyone to invite people to come, well it comes to time, and they thought people would "magically" appear at the thing........ Honestly........

 Blessings, we got many of those to perform..... We give blessings like candy.  haha. Somethimes people ask us fora blessing right when we have like 10 things to do in 2 minutes. I don't know math to well on that, but I am still sure that a man can not do so much that fast.

 Now for the huge surprise.... Drum roll....... E. Pence is..........Staying! Huge surprise. We have been companinons 4 months. By the next transfer we will hit 5 and a half months together. We are the only companionship that has not changed in the west. We are the "qase" or old guys. Yeah so we will still be here.

 Now for the reason of the title. In the transfer, the sisters area was shut down. We are loaded with dinners, but now we have the biggest area of the west. Good luck eh?

 Loves lots from dat Elda in Lautoka!

ZTM lesson

Eye infection

Fijian Driver's license

Drinking a coconut ( not quite as sweet as I thought)
Another pair of sandals bites the dust. (3rd pair in 5 months)