Sunday, August 31, 2014


Sorry no pictures this time.  The crazy asian in the shop is being a usb Nazi. He tried to run off with my sd card hahahahaha. No. The shop we normally go to is filled with kids, cause school starts for them next week. Next week, I should have more time, and double the photos.

First, I should let you all know that golfing was alright last week. It went slow, due to the wait time with the sisters going and such.

 Other than that, this was our most busy week. It was ridiculous. We could not even teach really, and teach together in that matter. Tuesday, we got out and taught very little, cause we had District meeting and such. The next day was DLC, early in the morning, then we had lunch with the luatoka leaders. We drank Otai, a tongan drink. Well, we taught immediately following, before going to the flat to do studies, which took up almost the rest of the day.

 Thursday, we woke up to do service. After service, we had to return home to do studies and eat. We then had an interview, all the way in 2nd ward in balawa side. Well we got back for our ward split, so we really did no proselyting. I went with a member named Waisea Sekitoga, and  Elder Pence went with Bro. Naceba. We met back together, then returned home to end the night. Friday was ridiculous by all standards.

 Normally, Fridays are planning day. The fact we got it done amazes me. We got up, did studies, then left to meet the 2nd sisters at the bus stand. We got on a bus for 25 mintues, to go deep into their area. Well we got to see how far later, but while there we did another interview for baptism. We then walked back to the main road, luckily a road side shop was there so I bought some sodas for the journey. The whole walk was that we walked(speedily) for 2 and a half hours straight. It was so hot, I walked with a hand towel draped over my head to keep from sunburns. Did I mention my eye hurt to blink, and it was swollen all of friday and Saturday? I just wore sunglasses those days, but I had to do a baptism on Saturday. Well, after the very long walk that took a very long time, we got to the 1st sisters to do the baptism interview for their investigator. Well we left our flat at 11:30am, then got home at 7:00pm, and we still had planning. So we had another no-proselyting day. Then we had to meet the zone-leaders for an exchange at 9:00. I went with Elder Abplanalp the whole day, and Elder Pence with Elder Painter. This was the day to teach. Well we had fall-through, drunk guy lectures, and all manner of craziness go. One of the people we visited was expecting us to show, but we never planned to see them. My eye was way swollen this morning, I took a picture, but will send next week when I can. Travis can't be the only one of us that had his eyes swollen shut. Luckily by the baptism it did not look so bad.

 Sunday is ridiculous busy always. Just before sacrament, everyone needs something at once. I would like to thank Mr. Child for teaching me what he did about music. I have been the ward chorister for the past 3 weeks. Some of the songs I have no idea what they sound like, but sight-singing is a virtue.......... Anyways, crazy week in all honesty.  Sorry the crazy asian has ancient hardware that I can not send pictures from!
Elder MacLeod