Monday, August 11, 2014

Random moments

This week didn't have anything too special, so I will spice it up with random moments that I had a quick laugh about, but first I need to say hello to someone! Hello Preethi Tum kaise hay? Sorry if I spelled your name wrong, that is the way the sisters spelled it.

So, We will start off with volleyball....... Well, it is not as fun with the change in our district. People are not as good, so it turned into us trying to play 6's on call of duty....... Everyone backs-out........

We played some games with the members we visited, namely the if.... then.... game. It was way funny the first time. The next time we played it the member had something way too serious, so it was not as funny. Then another member loved it too much....... She laughed at it hysterically, even when it made no sense at all......

The only real  laugh I was able to get while out walking about, was walking to a members house, only to see another member bobbing, and dancing to the neighbors music. Mostly it looked funny, cause he was sitting, and we only saw his head over the wall. Apparently he just woke up, so E. Pence sat down, and danced around to, by bobbing his head..... 

Service, we did it two days. Thursday, we painted part of a house, Friday, we were going to build up a wall, but ended up tearing down a bigger wall, with crowbars, and hammers....... Tiring work, but we had fun doing it!

I must first throw a shout out to Jeremy....... HA YOU GOT A SNAKE!

Bless your face.... BOOP!

Til next week,
Elder MacLeod
Elder Pence with toy rat
Dinner-Fish w/tomatoes and onions