Monday, August 25, 2014

The cyst! The sharks, and the balloon light show......

So lets take a walk (WALK) through the week.

So this week was a great week. We set a record for the Lautoka 1st (elders)  area for 20 lessons. Pretty dang impressive in my books. 

Now as for the behind the scenes. This week has been pretty stressful since one of the missionaries in our district got mugged. We have been trying to settle everything, then the other set are freaking out, then the Zone-leaders, unaware of the other effects this would cause, put them together, then we tell them, they stopped them from staying together any longer, when we told him this would happen, and crazy drama stuff that has involved everyone, but me. How's that for staying out of the drama?

Then we have some we are teaching who gave us this cool story. We had gone over, and taught him part of lesson one, including the way we pray in our church. Well, he goes diving really often, so he went the next day. While there, he cut some of the fish in the water before sending them up. Well that attracted 4 sharks. Well, they started to circle about towards him, so he swam away, only to find 2 more sharks. The 6 circled round-about him, so seeing his helplessness, he turned off his light, and decided to pray. The difference was that he prayed the way we had taught him. He got his witness of what we said was true, and immediately after opening his eyes, he saw a gap in the sharks that he swam through, and made it to safety. His wife is the one who told us later in the day, after he opened up in the lesson. He told nothing of his story, only that he knew what we have taught is true. Amazing!

 Now for that cyst, I have a cyst in my right foot, that has been there all week. It makes walking way annoying. I talked to our specialist about it, who is taking her sweet time.  She asked me if I direly needed it removed?  I said "Well, I walk everyday, so it is a large annoyance. Cysts grow, so would it be better to take care of it quicker?"  she said I will get back to you.  Well, it has been a couple of days and I haven't heard back yet.  I will keep you posted.

And the balloon light show. (We sent Connor a package with all kinds of random things for his birthday.)  We did it last night. I felt pretty kai colo (dumb struck) with the balloons. When the bag said glow-in-the-dark, I thought the normal glow, these ones had full-on lights in them, so we threw the balloons around on camera with a song. Way funny.

Another night we were drawing faces in my blanket, cause I figured out that I could.  Enjoy them pix!

Connor's 19th birthday balloon light show

Birthday eve diner (ground beef, potatoes, and eggs)

 Faces in the blanket

My study book called the book of people.

"Its a schooner sir!"