Monday, August 18, 2014

The Ebola refuge!

Well this week was Zone conference for us, so I met with the president again. While there, we met a couple Elder from Africa who were reassigned, due to the crazy plague that mocks around in Africa, and it encloses towards him everyday, so I said "Maybe you get reassigned to Fiji with me!" 

The week has come pretty fast. We have just got a rule that was not implied previously, that we can not leave to members in our wards house, unless they are in our area. We just lost all our dinner appointments in a month except 3 a month. Things will start to get interesting. We also had a great turnout at church. We have been working with lots of Less-active, and inactive members, and were able to bring back about 17 people to church, so church attendance rose fro 40 some to like 60 some. It just goes to show (WE ARE DOING SOMETHING YEAH!!!!!!!) 

I study, and have nearly completed the Old testament page to page. I finished the New testament page to page early on..... I teach a Preach My Gospel class after church. I have been making a book of people, so that people I read about, I put a description of them.

I want to say happy Birthday To Cameron, and to our former Elder Heath, who now is just Haden on the 19th! I have a picture for you. Make this the description "happy birthday punk" 

 We had a great week, we tied the highest record for the area for lessons. 

Not too much crazy stuff happened, sorry there are no super eventful things! Next time I email, It will be my Birthday, yet for you when you receive, it will have not happened yet! So I will say, today is my birthday tomorrow.

Picture of planners 1-4 each planner is a transfer. I am still using 3, it will finish Sept 14


Happy Birthday Punk!

Planners 1-4

My flat(outside)




Zone conference - Me and Elder Fong

Rewrote a hymn