Sunday, August 3, 2014

....And then dead silence......

Alright, so through the boring part......

The end. Now, no I am kidding.

Monday we played volleyball, for the last time with E. Heath. The next day was a bit more interesting, I will leave pictures. 

On Tuesday we got up early, and left early for District meeting. We had lunch, then were dropped off at a highschool in Field 40 (In the 2nd sisters area about 5 miles from our area.)Well, we were there to represent the church in giving a 10,000 liter water tank to this school, for LDS Charities. I think there may be a website, just look it up for Lautoka Fiji water tank or something. Well, they provided a number of foods, like cakes, cake, watermelone!, cake, dalo, dried raice, cake, and more cake. I feel like they like them their cakes. 

Well, then following this meeting, was the long walk back to our area, then to the far other side of our area...... Well, we finally got there, and had to explain the words of Isaiah, the prophet, to our less active member. We are trying to get him on a mission, so we are going through the Book of Mormon with him..... Well, we finished the words of Isaiah in one week!  Jiji!!!!! (equivelent of woo woo)

The middle days of the week were boring, and had really no events. 

Good news, two pkgs have arrived. One arrived shortly after the MLC in June, so it was there about 20 days, and then the other arrived just before the July MLC, so they both got to me.... When I read the funnies, I felt like Batman from Holy musical b@man when he received a letter from Spider man about his plane.(I sent Connor some missionary comic strips.  Life of an Elder)

Now as for the finale. The title of this email. Which I have sent to you. Na vuna na vakamacala sai koya "and then dead silence," na bogi oti keirau (E. Pence Kei au) cakava na veika ni e dua siga tabu, ni e dua na tamata Kaila eso vosa ca sara vei e dua tale na ka tamata mai na vale. Nah, I will write to you in English.  Well, the neighbors had a fight, and yelled some vulgar words, while Elder Pence and I were doing normal Sunday stuff. Well, there is often something going on over there, but one started screaming, yet they were muffled like someone was covering their mouth. I was still like whatever, because Fijians beat disrespectful people, but this was different. I could hear rustling of a small object, then it just went dead silent...... The silence is the part that spoke the most. Elder Pence was way on edge, that he shut every blind, since he didn't want to get involved. It was quite the night. Well we still stand today, so everything turned out fine the other day! Enjoy the pictures!