Monday, July 28, 2014


Haha, I am pretty sure Cam will be the only one to understand the subject line......

Well,  Bula na noqu matavuvale! kei na noqu itokani!  I swear, in this language you use a lot more (q)s then any language I know.  Which is narrow, considering I only know 2.

Well,  the week picked up, and neither Elder Pence or I got transferred. So Elder Pence has made it to September. We redrew the boundaries, and immediately we got 10 times (not exaggerating this was the actual math) the number of lessons........ Way easy with the piece we just got.

Anyways, internet is way bad today and stuff..... I can not open anything without it loading it up....... Luckily, I can still type. As for event stuff, or in other words, random actions, and then service day. Well.... Service day. 

So to explain something first, it has been pretty windy here. Which has made it way enjoyable for me, being that it got way colder from it! Well, in our house our door slams shut from the wind. Well, before we left I opened the door only to remember I needed to grab my gloves. As soon as I grabbed the gloves, (me still being in the same mind set of jumping off tall stuff, tucking and rolling and stuff) I turned around, immediately tossing the gloves to stop the door. The gloves were caught, and stopped the door from being slammed, but I got the gloves so well placed, that the door was slightly harder to open with them stuck in the door.

Well, we set out..... Once we got to our service assignment, which was collecting fire wood, which I thought was simple task. Well, we took 4 sacks, and 2 seles out to the veikau or forest, which was about 4 miles away. I will have pictures of what I carried those 4 miles. After that we busted concrete with a metal bar........ fun stuff!

On Sunday, Raul made the four missionaries in the first ward bracelets, so I will leave a picture of that! Fun stuff! 7 new missionaries added to the mission!

Til next week, Elder MacLeod