Monday, July 7, 2014

Na daukaulotu Peresidenti kavou

Well, another short email since we have a lot to do.  Mostly, cause the Zone Leaders are eating turtle with us, then running to Nadi.  So, we had to make our schedule with them. We had to cut time out of email for it. Alright, so we had our Zone Training meeting start during P-day last week. My companion and I were unable to do all we needed for the day. Whatever though. We went back to our flat, which had like no food at all, with the Ba Elders. Well, we still had Tuna my companion had bought, so I had to stomache it...... (Connor despises tuna.)  The next morning we went back to Nadi. This was our introduction to the Mission President. Since the airport is in the West, he visits us first. My interview would be the next day, so 3 days of traveling back and forth between Nadi and Lautoka. On Tuesday, we had pizza. Huge pizzas. They got about 12 pizzas for the 32 people there, and I am pretty sure I ate one by myself. That is what Fiji does to you. You become a consumer of a lot of food. 

As for crazy people, the award goes to Peter, this guy who asked us for a job and bus fair to feed his children. I am pretty sure he just wanted money for alcohol, since some Fijians work on boats just to come back buy some booze, then work again.... They is quite the pirates business.  In other news, Elder Pence got his package, so with the last Sour warheads, we have been handing them out to people and filming them eat them. The reaction of the people is priceless! They do not enjoy them here at all. I cannot send videos, but when I get this card back home at the end, I will show it. Also, as for food we had crab. WAY GOOD. We ate it with Ika va Miti, which is like coconut milk mixed with lemon juice, and other vegetables. It is super good. So we cracked open the various pieces of the crab, and put the meat into a bowl (this is lunch with an investigator), then pour the miti in the bowl too. Best thing ever!  I will try to get the picture of the crabs from Elder Pence. Also this week, we got into a Taxi where the guy said he was looking for us. We are going to go ahead and teach him and his wife soon. That was the week, sorry I am short on time! Still busy!
Love, Elder MacLeod

Landscape picture of Fiji

Crab dinner with investigator