Monday, June 30, 2014

Na Macawa! As slow as it was!

The most eventful day was Monday, shortly after emailing........ It all started in the afernoon. We were going to play basketball with some of our YSA, well, none of them showed and then all of a sudden, we saw one, coaching little kids on another court!

Well, that was not even the half. Then we went over to one of our members house. She was way busy, but offered for us to come back the next day for FHE. Originally, that was our plan, but we had gotten a referral, so Elder Pence wanted to check it out. Well, if we were going to do FHE we wiould not have time to meet with our new investigator. We cancelled dinner, to go see this new investigator.

When we finally got there, the investigator had a somewhat femmy voice. Elder Pence silently said oh no...... Well, we get inside, and we taught a great 45 minute lesson of the Restoration. Well, after we were finished, we asked if he had any questions,"or things he would like to share."Quoth Elder Pence. Well, he went into detail for an hour about probably the most disturbing things. As most of you know, I have seen and heard weird to the point it doesn't bother me too much, but this was straight-up disgusting. Way bad. And when I mean details, I MEAN DETAILS........... I am sure you can guess by now what happened, but if not, then good for you......

The next day, was a walking day. A member we invited bailed on us when we had invited him to a lesson. Well, it ended up not mattering, sense the investigator was sick anyway.

The following day we headed out to the Koro Matawalu. It is the farthest our area reaches to, which is about 27 miles out from our flat. Way---- Far. We taught a couple of investigators and came back.

The only other thing is that our ward SIMS list is so out dated, some of the people on it have passed away a while ago. We spend most of our time cleaning it out, visiting people only to tell us that the person we came to see died 3 years prior. Not really too much happening, though. I mean our new Mission president arrived in the morning yesterday. The airport elders were outside freezing, and the new Mission President was sweating out of his mind. Makes me think. I am going to die when I come back home. Cold here is not very cold, yet the people freeze any way. For the longest time I have laughed at them, since this is Fiji winter. Well, I am starting to get used to it. 

I am sending three pics. One Is a member grinding cocnut with his crazy 4 -year-old. Then its me this morning, I finally cut my hair so it is way shorter then that pic. The last is my Fijian "Hey Brother" By Avicii.  
Til Next Week, Elder MacLeod