Sunday, June 1, 2014

Fiji, (F)indi, and well that is all thats new!

So this week it got hotter. Believe it or not. Yet the heat doesn't make you sweat. The sheer humidity does. I hardly notice it now, but I know it is there, cause you sweat more from it.

Most of you are probably wondering what the Findi means. It  is the knock off Hindi language. They speak a different Hindi here than in India. Half my members are Hindi, the other half are Fijian.

This was an uneventful week. I mean we played volleyball last Monday as a district. Then we had a district meeting Tuesday. I guess we now have 3 baptisms scheduled and coming up! What else happened?  I killed about 2 score of spiders! I took our bug poison and went to the 2nd bathroom and sprayed it down. I saw the spider, then after that, I soon figured out that there were so many more bugs. The floor was covered with dead bugs. Because this poison is so strong, it can kill cats just as easy.

I saw that we have a new cat. A cava dou vakasama! Datou sega ni gagadre e dua vou CAT! I bet it was cause Caitlin couldn't resist when someone offered to get another cat.

Sorry my week was kinda boring. It is Lautoka, which is the city of the rich people in Fiji. Nothing interesting happens in Lautoka versus other places. I mean there are more promiscuous people trafficking here, but that's a normal sight to see.
Oh the story of my sulus! So yes, Here is a pic of Elder Pence. When I first arrived in Fiji,  the AP's took us to buy sulus. Well, when I told the lady my size, she came out with 4 different sulus. The colors in my size were really dark grey black, dark black, and a slightly darker black. I chose the dark black and slightly darker black, haha.

Elder Pence and Myself in our Sulus!