Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Meetings, and the Koros

Alright, so we had Zone Conference, and  Train the Trainers Tuesday and Wednesday in Nadi. I will send the pictures from those days.

As for food, we had what Sister Klingler made us, SO IT WASN'T FIJIAN!!! I was so excited, all the people want to give me is curry with broken up bones in it, and fish.  I don't even like fish that much. I had the food she made 2 days in a row!

After that on Tuesday, I taught this lady on the bus the restoration! She was surprised that I had been there for about a month, and I knew Fijian! Later the same day, Janet bought us bacon! We had one great morning the next day! 

On Thursday, we went to the prasads to pull out kasava trees! Well, for those of you who don't know what Kasava is, they are similar to potatoes! I mean they are not quite as good, I would better compare them to yams. It was all good. Shamli gave me some soda, then they made us lunch. Sadly, it was lamb curry, which lamb is terrible. Not even my companion likes lamb.

The next day, I was going to do an exchange with the zone leader. My companion needed to do a baptismal interview for them, cause he is the district leader. Well, for the first night we had one spiritual thought, then they gave us lovo! Which is food cooked in an earth oven! Or buried under hot river rocks. This is also the same pits people do those fire walks over! After that, I had the day planned out with backups, backups for the backups, and even backups for the backups of backups. Well it didn't pay off! All of them fell through. We just went back to the flat where I made some shoulder bacon. 

The next morning we got up, and we did studies. Elder Heath taught me a little of pronunciation. We were going into Matawalu, one of 2 koros (the bush).  I already went to the other, but the only thing to mention is that the other one is closed, so we have to ask the chief if we can enter. Matawalu is open though. Well, I gained many followers, which would not stop grabbing me. There were 13 dialects in that village alone, since they had parents from all over Fiji. Elder Heath was having a hard time keeping up, and he has been here 22 months. Well, at the end of the day Elder Pence came back, and we went to Analitas'. Apparently, they have contracted a bacterial disease. It is super bad. Many had huge sores, so we gave 6 blessings. I now have given 9 of 15 blessings! When I got home, I showered so good! I was freaking out just being there in the house! I didn't shake their hands, I was so afraid of getting disease! Sunday, I offered the prayer in 3 meetings, then in 2 lessons. Simi complimented me on my Fijian being so well in just one month. I am trying so hard to learn, cause it  is English speaking where I am now, and you can lose your Fijian so fast if you don't speak it!

Lautoka Zone Conference - June 2014

Training Meeting -Nadi- June 2014