Monday, June 9, 2014

The left side, and the difference between posts and poles is vague!

This week was interesting, I mean my companion's sitting next to me proclaiming about his sister being engaged. Any who, let's get down to the week. Starting with the beginning.

Tuesday. These are normally district meeting days, but this one was a Zone meeting! It turned into 32 missionaries running around Lautoka. We didn't really teach either since every appointment fell through. It was not stressful though.

Wednesday. Weather here in Fiji is simple. Super hot, or raining. In the west, it usually never rains, but since I have been here, it has rained quite a bit. I must have brought some luck with me or something! The members are like babies, though. They did not understand what the phrase, which is a title, "The cost and blessings of discipleship." It is kind of annoying in the later days. Like they acclaim to knowing and understanding something, then won't do it. Encouraging people is 3/4 of my mission.

Thursday. This is service day, na matai vasagavulu kalima miniti (the first 45 minutes) I drove on the wrong side of the road. By wrong side, I mean the left since it is all backwards here. As I recall, my mom did not trust me to drive stick-shift on the main roads. Well, I drove on the complete opposite side and main roads with no problems, on the highway, in the Second largest city, in a new country! How's that for proof I know how to drive. Even after not driving for 2 months from being in the MTC! After that, we were to rip posts out, which I was thinking ah no big deal. Just dig a 2 foot hole down to each one. Well, it turns out they are giant logs used as poles, that are sealed in concrete. We were given these tools to rip out these 20 foot poles: A long nail shaped piece of metal, a hand sized hammer, a shovel, a smaller spade, a metal wedge, and a pitchfork. Well, it took us at least 4 hours to get all 8 poles. I was so tired. The rest of the day we did probably way too much walking. We had a 3 mile trip to one visit, which in turn meant 3 miles back. Then we went to another two visits, that are on opposite sides of our area. Super tiring. I think the days walking around amusement parks have paid off.

Friday- Well, our first place was to go to Janet's, which I don't like going to because the men just eyeball us since men are open about themselves here. It is pretty gross. We quickly left to go give sister Cokanawai a blessing. Which was my 5th blessing out of 8 I have stood in on, that I have given. Then we had dinner scheduled with the Reddy's who we called and it turned out they were in Rekireki. Which is an hour and a half drive toward Tavua. I think at least. They told us to meet at the lounge, which is probably the nicest restaurant I have been in here in Fiji. They were way late so it turned into us just eating with the Lautoka first sisters.

Saturday- I was able to eat ground beef this week twice. My companion said that this week he has had more ground beef than his whole mission.

Sunday- Was CRAZY! Both the bishoprics were released, so they now have just people in charge until they call a new group. The Stake President seemed somewhat angry. Now, Our new mission president wants info we can't get to him, since we don't have a bishopric. That was my week, though.

These are views of Fiji from my flat window.