Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Friday Night!

Alright, so this week was pretty interesting. I am trying to type fast, so If I make mistakes, you can either fix them for me, or leave them up, so that people see mah bad typen skilzzzz.

I am not really going to list days individually this week. I will start off with the begging. We started off with Sister Matheson pretty much giving all of her sisters info to Elder Pence. She gave up her email, a picture, and made comments like from exact quotation, "My mom would make a great mother-in-law." It was all funny. And to top off the first couple days, my desk collapsed, and all my stuff came crashing down. It sorta hurt my leg, but I am ok. Just made a louder, funnier study time! 

I also wanted to mention how you commonly pass people in the neighborhoods. It starts with Bula from them, then we acknowledge them saying io Bula, and as you walk we would say keirau sa raica oqo. So, it is normal to them, but the funny thing is the exact translation. That exact translation is "we are going to keep looking like this." That is pretty much what you say to people as you pass them by. like all the time......

Well Later in the week came service day.

So for service, we werewere someones garden. Were (whe-ray) in fijian means garden, and werewere apparently means take a sele (fijian word for knife, but is more of a machete) and cut the grass with it. So I do not want to hear you guys complain about mowing the lawn. I would take a lawn mower over a sele any day to cut the grass! 

The next day was just as great. This was Friday. So, I can quickly throw words to make a song parody of Katy Perry, but that would take to much time. So Friday, we had to go into town and meet the zone leaders. We were heading to an internet shop to print off baptismal programs. Well, we were running late and, of course because of that tardiness, this random lady stopped us. Neither of us have ever seen this lady before, and she for some odd reason wanted to tell us a story. Well, she goes on about this mother dog fighting it's puppy, and accidentally killing it, then being adorable (which I do not understand in the slightest.)  It carried the body away from the father dog...... Yeah, it took her 10 minutes to explain that story. She was just crazy. Well, we got to the internet shop to make the programs, and we had printing problems. Not a big deal, but we were running late to a baptismal interview now. We ended up splitting up. Elder Heath and Elder Pence, and Elder Abplanalp and I. Well, we got there and did the interview, but the whole day I just was not feeling so good, and by this point I was definitely not going to make it through the whole day. We got into the truck, and by this time I can hardly focus, but my Zone Leader does not know where the Carnival is.......... He has been in Lautoka for 3 months longer than I have. We went the wrong way, and I told him he might need to pull over, I shouted it again, but I couldn't wait. He hit the curb and I let loose. Yeah it was Gross! We went to the flat after. It was about 4:30 pm. Well, then Elder Pence ,in his wisdom, grabbed these candies I put outside, cause they were bad. Well, he gets WAY sick from them. He puked blood the next morning. Not good. Well, the whole night I couldn't sleep, cause the constant churning of my stomache. The next day I was poppin mints every second. Mostly, cause I had to do my first baptism. I will have pics! Great week, though. Sunday, I wrote a talk but ended up throwing it out at the start of speaking. I said something completely different from what I was going to say.
The picture of the spider was when Elder Pence got up at 4 in the morning and saw it. The body is the size of your thumb. We done killed it cause we didn't want brown in our pure white flat.
The other 2 are me driving in Fiji and my first baptism!
Well Until next week.
Elder MacLeod