Monday, July 21, 2014

The slowest week (thus far)

I am pretty sure number wise, you can not (let me repeat myself) Can not get less numbers than us anywhere else in the mission.

I do not think I explained Lautoka very well. Lautoka is the rich, gated community, that opened last September. It has been a very slow area ever since its opening last year.  Now we are finally....... finally redrawing the area boundaries. Hopefully, the sisters don't complain that we are taking "a small area." Cause knowing them, they will be like "we need it!" When they don't even go there past 6 in the evening!

Anyways, I will try and recollect the moments of mention, per-say, to help this be entertaining. We bought Bula shirts! Nagindas had a sale so we bought Bula shirts. I will leave a picture! 

I also had to participate in the Distict training as the other missionaries' investigator. The First Lesson in English. The second in Fijian, which made me feel way good about myself since the sister from Samoa who has been here 10 months,..... well, lets just say I got good Fijian.......

Well, another thing that goes on around here, is that people in Lautoka, since it is rich, see white (kai valagis) people often. From either New Zealand, or Austrailia (straya as the Aussies would say),  not to often from America.  Well, they jokingly say words, or just speak English, cause they don't think we know Fijian. So this lady we passed by,  we spoke a good amount of Fijian to, and she walked away saying per-exact quote, "vinaka, wow yous way smart!"  We had a good laugh.

I am also the most worried about of all the missionaries to the members..... Normally, they drop the missionaries into the fire, and just make them quickly accustom to the culture. They all pretty much are sheltering me....... Like Saturday, a member said for service the next week, we could gather fire wood, but then for some odd reason, asked if I would be able to do that........ I had to argue with her over me being able to do service. Imagine that, arguing to do work. I said,"Io rawa!" so many times!

We make jokes about it often. One of our members birthday was yesterday, so she offered to give us cake today. She called us this morning, and said, " Hey are you coming to town? Well, come and stop by and get some cake." So I won't argue with her. As for weight. I weighed in the MTC at 97 KGs when I left. Last I weighed in, the scale said 84 KGs. 1 KG=2.2 lbs. So essentially I lost 26+ some pounds. 

Anyways bye!!!!!  Elder MacLeod