Monday, October 12, 2015

6 week Slam - 27 September 2015

I was transferred again. I am now in Tacirua. It is just a ways down the road from the temple. We had a baptism as soon as I got here. I also got my Selei finished, here is a picture of my Selei.

Things ought to be fun over here. We have too many people that want to come with us to teach. I have never had this issue before. Normally no one helps...... It was strange to be in a ward again. I have been having church in houses a while. They had me come up, but that is ok, after this I can finally rest at the chapel....

This was a fast week. We had to do transfers. I moved Thursday to help with transfers Friday. 9 missionaries go home including 2 sisters that came with us. Can't wait to have fun here.

My new Companion is Elder Robinson, who finishes in 6 weeks. I have met him before while I was in Lautoka and he was in Ba. He is from Alabama.

Hope you all enjoy this week. For now on I email at the office, so if I am fast, it is because we have only a little time, or if I am late it is because Nausori, Suva Zls, or the STLs beat us in.

Elder MacLeod