Monday, October 12, 2015

Truck-a-saurus - 16 August 2015

Transfers were this week, and my new area has a truck that I drive. I stay in Korovou town, Burewai, Nasautoka, and Saioko.

We have the largest area on Viti Levu. For a heads up I am in the same district as before, I moved next door. I still see the same people hahahaha. I was just asked by someone here before where I was, I replied " Burewai," he died laughing..... It is funny, but I don't care, I get a rest from walking though. I do get to go back to Ovalau sometimes as well, so that is always fun!

I got my package, but I will retrieve it Thursday, when i go to Suva. There were some issues in the office, and I have a back-up pin for them, then I happen to remember. Good thing I have back-ups, otherwise, I would illegally be in Fiji all of a sudden. Can't have that can we? Not sure how it got lost in the office, but whatever though.

We have zone conference coming up. Thursday, that will be good!
I get to do zone qitos again. It is exciting!

Elder MacLeod